the Resturant  

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the Resturant

You (I don't know your name!) have set up a meeting with Eric and Christine, a couple you met through AdultFriendFinder. Eric is about 6' 1", 34 and ripped. Christine is 29, tall, thin and blonde with a tiny waist that flairs into lovely hips. Her breasts are perfect, not too big, but not too small either. Her nipples make your mouth water. You love their picture and you like the way they write (You know its Christine who writes, though both names are on the email, because of the words she uses that get you tingly every time you open another email from them.)

You set up to do a meet and greet at a restaurant in down town Silver Spring. You are tingling with excitement even though you don't plan on having sex since you want to go slow and be sure you are comfortable with them and their personal dynamic before you do anything. In fact you had to put in a panty liner at lunch time cause you are so wet, you were afraid your pussy juice would leak through.

Finally you get to the restaurant and they have already arrived and are waiting at the hostess stand for you. Eric's hot body lives up to its advance billing. He's got broad shoulders and a nice tight ass. You make eye contact with him and your heart skips a beat when you see just how intensely blue his eyes are. Wow is he hot. You know you would love to fuck him, as he's just your type.

Christine is even better looking then her pictures. she's wearing a tight black cocktail dress that really shows off her figure to great advantage. She is simply stunning. You take this all in and think just how lucky you are to have met them and answered their email on AdultFriendFinder. You can't wait to get started, but you also want to be the good girl and not rush into anything, so you are a little conflicted.

The three of you are seated at a table. Eric is in a chair while you and Christine sit next to each other on a booth seat. You are aware of just how hot she is making you and that her thigh is just an inch from you. When you look over at her you can actually see down her dress a bit and see that she's not wearing a bra. In fact you can see part of one of her nipples from that angle. This excites you no end as you feel like you've stolen a little bit of her privacy, since she might not know that you can see this. This gives you a naughty thrill that is just fantastic. You start to wonder if its time to change the panty liner... The waiter comes over and takes your order. He's quite good looking with dark hair and olive skin. You notice that he check both you and Christine out while taking your orders. Given how horny you are, you have a quick fantasy about the 4 of you having an orgy right there in the restaurant. The waiter leaves and you excuse yourself to go to the ladies room to change your liner.

You get to the restroom and are just about to go into the stall when the door opens and Christine comes in. You feel weak in the knees looking at her, knowing that you could probably have her. She smiles at you reassuringly and says, "Eric really likes you. I do to. We've been looking for somebody that we could both play with and think you might be the one" With that she takes a step over to you and kisses you on the lips. Your heart pounds, your nipples harden and your pussy feels like it was just turned all the way on. You eagerly kiss her back. She slowly slides her tongue into your mouth and the two tongues dance with each other for several minutes. She wraps her arms around you and sensually rubs your back. You are just enjoying the sensation of this beautiful woman giving you exactly what you wanted all day. She slowly kneels down in front of you and begins to caress your calves. You wonder what she has in mind. Is she thinking of eating you right there in the restroom? But anyone could walk in... You decide that you just don't care. If Christine wants to take the risk, you are OK with it.

Slowly she slide her hand up under your skirt and caresses your thighs. God it feels so good. Your cunt is drenched and you are dying to have her touch it, but she does not. She seems to be teasing you, drawing out the risk that somebody will come in and discover her on her knees in front of you with her hand under your skirt. The tension of wanting her to touch your cunt and the fear of discovery is almost too much to bear. Just when you think you can't take it any more, she slides her hand that last little bit and comes in contact with your panties. You can't help it as a low moan escapes your lips, you've been waiting her to touch you for what seems like hours and it just feels so good.

With her other hand she pulls up your skirt and bunches it around your waist. You hold it there for her and she grabs your hips with her hands and pulls your toward her so that her mouth meets your panty covered pussy. She says "you smell so good, so excited. I want to lick your cunt so bad" Slowly she begins to pull down your panties. You are eager to help her, but still worry that somebody might come in. You do nothing to protect yourself just letting yourself go in the moment trusting that nothing bad will happen. Your panties fall around your ankles and you step out of them. The fragrance of your excited cunt fills the room. You are excited knowing she can smell you and knows she's caused this. She can't wait to taste your cunt juices and see exactly what you taste like.

Slowly she slides her hands back up your hips and rubs your hips. She slides them around back so she can feel and caress your but. She says "mmmm you have great hips, and I love the feel of your ass. This is what a real woman's ass feels like". She smiles up at you as you look down at her kneeling on the restroom floor. You can see the flush in her face and you know she's excited by your fragrance and the wonderful shape of your body. You can also see her womanly curves and that excites you even more. As you are looking down at her, she lurches forward and sticks out her tongue, so that when you and she meet, its tongue to pussy and you all but cum right then. You know there is no stopping now as her tongue on your cunt feels so good. She is quite aggressive with her tongue and you are in ecstasy. You feel like a sex goddess with her worshiping at your cunt shrine.

Suddenly she stops and pulls away. It almost hurts to have the good feelings stop. She points behind you and you see there is a low bench built into the wall. Its one of those ladies restrooms that has benches in it, though nobody really knows why. Well you can certainly make use of them now. She takes you by the hand and leads you over to the bench and sits you down. She spreads your legs and you know that you about to get the full tongue treatment that your pussy has been begging for. She kneels down once again and starts to lick. Her mouth finds your clit in about 2 seconds and you start to cum. "OOOOOHhhhhhh" you cry out as the waves of the orgasm wash over you. Her tongue does not stop for a moment though your thighs are crushing her as your whole body heaves. You've never cum so fast in your life, and god it was good.

She keeps licking and applies just the right amount of pressure to your clit. It feels so good and you don't want it to stop. You can hear yourself moaning, but you aren't aware of making the sounds, cause all you can feel is your clit and her tongue as the two meet. You also start to realize that your nipples are aching and really need to be played with. You unbutton your blouse and pull it aside so that your tits are exposed. The nipples are rock hard and just aching to be touched. You squeeze one just a little bit and it feels good. You squeeze it again hard, and explode into another orgasm. Again you hear that sound you make "OH OH OH OH OH, OOOOOOH, OH OH, OOOOOOH, oh oh oh" God does this feel good.

Suddenly you hear a sound and look up to see Eric and the waiter standing in the doorway. You are instantly mortified as you know how crazy this looks with Christine's face buried in your cunt and you nearly naked playing with your nipples. The question on your mind is what will the waiter do? You know Eric will just be turned on, but what about the waiter???

At first he looks stunned, he can't belive what he's seeing, then as it dawns on him what he's seeing, he begins to process it, and realizes that he can take advantage of the situation. Eric turns to him and says "do you want to join in? We don't know the girl at all, but my wife will do you in a second". Christine looks up from your pussy at them and says "sure will, but let's all take care of her [meaning you] first.

Without further prompting, Eric comes over and starts to pinch your nipples. Its so much hotter to have somebody else do it then you. You look into his eyes again and just feel lost as the color is so intense. He pinches your nipples extra hard and you cum again. As this is happening, the waiter is coming around the bench and unzipping his pants. He drops his boxers to reveal a short cock that is quite thick and very, very hard from watching you cum with such abandon. You have him totally turned on. You reach over to caress his cock and marvel at the feeling of it. Its warm and hard, and so masculine, it just excites you no end. You look up at the waiter's face and see the unasked question in his eyes "please suck me". You know that is what he wants and you want his cock in your mouth like you have never wanted to suck cock before. You turn your head to the side and he is just at the right height to slide his cock into your waiting mouth. It feels so good to have this cock in your mouth while Christine licks your cunt and Eric plays with your nipples. You feel like such a goddess with so much attention directed at you. You feel a little undeserving, but they care about you, they want pleasure you and you have no choice but to accept it.

Under this intense stimulation, of mouth, nipples and clit, you are coming almost constantly. You feel so hot and sexual and just totally turned on. Eric stands up and undoes his pants. You finally get to see his cock and its quite big and thick. You know where you want that thing to end up. Inside you. In your cunt, cause it will make you cum and cum. Eric touches his wife's shoulder and says "Baby, its my turn" She regretfully pulls away from your cunt as she knows he's right, but she's loved eating you and does not want to stop. She gets up and Eric takes her place, but instead of his tongue, he puts the head of his cock right up against your pussy. You can feel it there, but he does not push it in. Its just resting there, teasing you and you want it inside you filling your hole up, making you feel complete. He holds off another 30 seconds then rams the whole thing in at once. You scream because it feels so good, and you are surprised by the suddenness of it, but nobody can hear you because your mouth is full of waiter dick....

Eric starts to really pound away at your cunt, and it feels just too damn good. That thick cock stretching your pussy walls and being able to catch glimpses of his beautiful eyes as he and the waiter work out a rhythm to fuck you to. Eric decides that he wants to rearrange things a bit, so he gets the waiter to pull his cock out and he lifts you up off the bench and with you on top of him and his cock still buried to the hilt, he lays down on the floor. The waiter knows that as much as he'd like to cum in your mouth, he sees that the best place for his cock is buried deep in your ass. He has a small bottle of olive oil in his apron and he uses that to ease his finger into your ass. He feels your sphincter clenching and relaxing as the intrusion first surprises you then starts to delight you. As your ass muscles relax, he pulls out his finger and replaces it with his cock. Slowly, slowly he slides into your anus as Eric holds still so that you can have both holes filled at once. Christine does not want to feel left out, so she quickly strips off her skirt and steps up to your face with her pussy right at mouth level. You are sitting upright impaled on Eric's cock, with the waiter draped over top you with his cock buried in your ass, so its quite easy for you to lick Christine's pussy. You've been dying to repay her for all the pleasure she gave you, not to mention you love eating pussy, particularly when you do a couple and you are fucking the guy and licking the girl...

All of you are now moaning and groaning as everyone getting it on like this is just too exciting. first the waiter cums in your ass, then Christine starts to cum and finally you can feel Eric shoot his load deep into your cunt. All four of you collapse on the floor in a great big pile of sweaty, sexy smelling humanity.

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