Secret Documents  

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Secret Documents

This story was written at the request of an AdultFriendFinder member. I tried to fulfill her desires she expressed. Hopefully she will like it. Please let me know what you think, as feedback, good or bad is very helpful in improving the quality of my stories and finding the inspiration to write more.

Bian was getting excited. It was nearly 12:30 which meant she was going to get laid soon. She could feel her face flush a little and knew that her pussy was starting to get wet. She was meeting her new lover Staff Sergeant Eglin, in the Skif for another hot session. They had hooked up a couple weeks back at the summer picnic and had fallen into a pattern where they would try and steal a little time during lunch every day for a quickie. They met in the Skif, which is the room where all the secret documents were stored and all the secret meetings were held. The room was designed to prevent eves-dropping, was swept for bugs weekly and completely soundproof, so they knew they were safe there as long as nobody came in. The door had a combination lock that had to be opened, just like a safe, so they could tell that somebody was coming and have enough time to cover up before they could be discovered.

Bian shifted in her desk chair and that little movement felt good as her pussy lips lightly caressed her clit. She knew she could make herself cum just by rubbing her legs together. She had often fantasized about the different men in the office while doing that. She loved military men with their straight backs and direct way of talking. It was very hard for her to concentrate on her work as she thought about how hot Sergeant Eglin was. He was young, only 23 years old, but had a hard body that reflected the strenuous workouts he did every day. She loved the way he looked in his uniform, and the polite way he treated her in public, contrasted with how kinky he was when the door to the Skif was shut

Bian worked for a small office of 7, 6 men and her, at DTC, an little part of DOD that collected intelligence on foreign military capabilities. She was the only civilian, the rest were young military guys. She had been born in Vietnam but came to the US 10 years ago for college. She was a beautiful 28 year old girl, and she spoke excellent English with a very light and sexy accent. 3 years ago she became a U.S. citizen and it was one of the happiest days of her life. It also gave her the opportunity to get a job with the federal government. She had been with DTC for just about year and really liked working there. The work she did was fun, but it was the fact that she was just constantly turned on by the men around her that really help her get out of bed in the morning. She loved the idea that they were having sex every day in one of the most heavily guarded and secretive buildings in all the world, and nobody knew about it. There was nobody to hear her moans when she came except file cabinets full of top secret intelligence, and the sergeant.

Tick, Tick, Tick went the clock on the wall. Bian was having trouble sitting still. Her left leg had started to bounce up and down on its own, sending little shivers of pleasure up from her pussy to her brain. She felt like she could not wait any longer, but she had too. She loved to tease the sergeant then take his cock into her mouth and suck it. There was something so naughty being on her knees sucking his cock while looking up at Sergeant Eglins handsome young face as he approached orgasm. He had a big cock and she loved that she could take a lot of him into her mouth and could even make him cum. His cum tasted good, and the knowledge that she could make him cum with her mouth made her feel like the most beautiful woman in the world.

Finally it was 12:32, the time they had agreed to meet in the Skif. Bian got up from her desk and walked over to the Skif. She entered the combination and swung the door open. The room was very dark and quiet as there were no windows and the soundproofing made it seem like you were in another world. It was a single large room with a little hallway that prevented those from outside seeing in when the door was open. The room was lined with safes, computer terminals and faxes. In the middle of the room was conference table that sat about 10 people. She took a deep breath and smelled the air in the room. She loved the idea of sex in the Skif cause it was a place with many secrets already, and they were using it to conceal another from their co-workers. The kinkyness of having sex while next door, people were working on national secrets was a true thrill to Bian that she had never experienced before. Really it was the naughtiness that made her cum, she just could not belive she was doing this. She thought of herself as a good girl, but something about this office and all the secrets it held possessed her and made her horny as hell.

Sergeant Eglin was a little late so Bian figured she'd get started without him. She knew her pussy was wet, so she slid a hand down and under her skirt. She loved the feel of her pussy when it was wet, she knew it was wrong, but she loved to touch herself there. She could not wait for her lover to do it for her as the touch of another was always so much better. Her other hand caressed her leg and hip the slowly slid up toward her chest. Like many Asian girls, she did not have big breasts, but she knew that Sergeant Eglin loved her slender figure so this did not bother her. As long has he was hard, she was happy... Her hand slid down into her blouse and under her bra so she could feel her nipple. She had very large nipples for the size of her breasts and they were super sensitive. She could cum if a guy sucked on them long enough. Sadly most guys did not know this and she was a little too shy to ask for it. Sometimes the Sergeant would suck her nipples while they were having sex and this would get her so turned on. She could really get passionate when he did this, moaning and panting while he pleasured her. She had even scratched his back with her nails by accident once while he did this. She did not even realize that she had cut him till she saw the marks as he put on his utilities afterwards. This made her feel kind of crazy, like she became another person when she had sex.

Finally she heard the combination turning on the door. She picked up the file she had brought with her and went over to one of the safes to make it look like she was filing away this document, just in case it was one of the other guys in her office. She thought they were all hot, but did not want to be caught playing with herself. She could just imagine what would happen to her. Fired in disgrace, she would have to tell her family what had happened and that would be worse then being found in the first place. Fortunately it was Sergeant Eglin who came into the room. "Hi baby, how are you today? You look so hot in that little outfit! Woo God you are a sight for sore eyes". She loved how honest and folksy he was. There was never any doubt that he was telling her exactly what he was feeling.

They met in the center of the room and kissed. Gently at first then more passionately as they warmed to the feelings. Bian ran her hand up and down the sergeants big, thick body. She could not get enough of how solid he felt, and how secure she felt when his arms were around her. Her pussy throbbed at the thought of being under his protection. She slid her hands around to his back then worked them up to his shoulders and neck. He turned his head and kissed one of her hands, then paused. "Hmmm, your hand smells like pussy. Have you been dipping into your honey pot without me around? Kinky girl!" Bian blushed and looked at the floor, she loved the acceptance he showed toward her sexuality, but she was a little conflicted about admitting that she had these desires herself. Clearly she did and he knew that since they met every day and had sex. But speaking about it made it seem more real, and that was embarrassing. She liked it when there was a bit left unsaid because she could pretend to be a good girl. So she did not say anything in response to his comment about her fingers. Her shyness and discomfort seemed to really turn on Sergeant Eglin, cause he suddenly grabbed her and lifted her up onto the table.

In an instant, he had bunched her skirt around her waist, stripped off her panties and had his face buried in her pussy. He loved to eat her, and often he would make her come several times before he fucked her. He was really licking her hard and fast and she quickly felt the delicious tension building all over her body. He usually took his time, but he seemed possessed by a demon today as he quickly slid one then two fingers into her, and began to pump her pussy. Oh god did it feel heavenly. She loved the feelings of being full and having her clit stimulated. Being able to squeeze something with her pussy made her so hot. She closed her eyes and surrendered to the feelings. She was so hot under his passionate attention and she could just let herself go without any concern. She began to moan as her orgasm started to build. She would moan then pant a few breaths, then moan again as Eglin picked up his pace licking and fringing her with his fingers. Her pussy was sopping wet and each time his fingers slid in, she could hear a squishing sound as her pussy spread to kiss his fingers again and again. "Oh, OH, OH, harder, HARDER, OH, OH, OH" she begged as she was just on the edge of cumming. She knew what she needed and so did the Sergeant as he slid his third finger down just a bit to find her anus and he slowly inserted just the tip into her ass. This was just what she needed, as she exploded with orgasm. "Oh God, OH GOD, OOOOOOOOH, OH, OH, OH, OOOOOOOOOH" she screamed as she came hard. She could feel her pussy contracting as she clenched down on his fingers. She knew he could feel this too, as he told her just how turned on it made him to feel her cum like this.

Gradually he slowed the pace of his fingers and stopped licking her clit and slid his face up so his cheek was resting on her belly. She loved to hold him there after she came as she felt so relaxed, secure and accepted. A man who loved to lick her pussy, it does not get any more accepting then that, and that was a real thrill for her.

After a few minutes she opened her eyes and got the surprise of her life. Standing around her and Eglin were the other 5 men in her office and they were all naked. They all were hard and were fingering themselves as they watched her naked body on the table. She gave a short gasp and stammered, "Where did they all come from" to Eglin. He lifted his head up off her belly and said "well they figured out several weeks ago what was happening and eventually they decided they wanted to join in. They approached me about a week ago, and I figured it was better to let them get involved then try to bluff my way out and have them get pissed off, cause they might turn us in. If they play with us, they have no reason to stop things. I know you like to have lots of stimulation and have told me you think everyone in the office is hot, so I figured this was the best way to do it. We worked it out that today they would join us. Here is your chance to do 6 guys at once!"

Bian was totally shocked. She did fantasize about being with more then one guy at a time, but never thought it would be more then fantasy. And 6 at once? And all people she worked with? This was a little crazy. But that craziness was also kind of a thrill. She would be sharing this secret with everyone in the office, which meant that she did not have to hide it nearly so much, and with 5 more cocks, she would be getting a lot more attention. All six of them were young hard bodies. She could see their ab muscles and everything. And she had made them all hard. By itself that was a turn on, but in combination with the fact that she had just cum and this was so kinky, she was just about ready for anything. The only problem was she was shy. She felt she could not admit to agreeing to go along with this, so she said nothing. She just closed her eyes again. Eglin knew her signals well enough to understand that she was saying yes as directly as she could. He nodded to the other soldiers and that's where things got really freaky....

Since Eglin had just been licking her, he stood up and gave one of the other soldiers a chance to explore her pussy with his tongue. Another bent over and started rubbing her chest, not her breasts but all around, slowly working his way to her breasts. He was very gentle and when he reached her nipples, he began to tease them very gently. She loved the feeling of such a large man being so gentle with her while she was so exposed. The feeling made her gasp out loud. A third guy bent over and started kissing her face. He too was very gentle and considerate as he slowly covered her forehand and cheeks with little kisses before finally reaching her mouth. She responded passionately as he gently probed her mouth with his tongue. It felt fantastic. Meanwhile the guy who was eating her, was really going to town. He had a very different style then Eglin but he clearly knew what he was going with a pussy. She had never experienced so much sensation at once and it quickly had her climbing the path to another huge orgasm.

For the moment, Eglin and the other two guys just watched. All three had their cocks in hand and were stroking themselves as they took in this crazy scene with their sexy co-worker. She was really getting into this and felt like she was the sexiest woman alive to a be able to attract and arouse so many men at once. She started to feel the pressure of an impending cum, and from all the feelings she had, it was going to be another big one! She could not moan however as she was being kissed frantically and passionately by the third soldier. The best she could do was some muffled grunts. Without warning, the guy who was eating her, stood up and pulled her body to the edge of the desk and lifted her legs up onto his broad thick shoulders. Her cunt was wide open and he could see right down into it, as his cock rested on her thigh just an inch from her pussy mouth. He flipped his hips just a bit, and his cock head jumped right to her pussy mouth and he started to slide into her. He was bigger then Eglin and it felt so sensual to have such a thick cock slide into her while the others were watching, surrounded by all of these secrets.

Within seconds she was cumming and was humping his cock for all that she was worth. She squeeze her thighs as tight as she could and grabbed ahold of the other two guys as her powerful cum sweep over her body and mind. The guy who was servicing her did not miss a beat, though obviously the excitement of seeing her cum was a real turn-on for him and he struggled to avoid cumming too soon. Before he knew it, he too was cumming and started to ram his cock home into her tight little pussy. Hot jets of his thick white cum shot into her tight pussy as he unloaded into her. After a moment he pulled out, as the next guy was already to go.

The new guy wanted to do her from behind and she was past caring, so he scooped her up and laid her down on the floor on all fours. Quickly he slipped into her sloppy wet cunt and began to set a good rhythm. She loved being taken from behind as she felt so vulnerable and the guy could hit spots that did not get touched when he was in front. It felt good and naughty. Then the 5th guy came around to her front and started pushing his cock around her face. She knew what he wanted and quickly opened her mouth so that he could slide it in. She suddenly wanted as much cock as she could get and one hole was just about as good as another. The two guys struggled for a moment to work out a rhythm to fuck her with, but quickly got it worked out so they both pushed into her at the same time, so the got maximum resistance on their cocks. It felt so good to both of them. Bian had never done a double penetration before and was absolutely beside herself with the feelings. She loved being so full at both ends and the feeling of being the naughty girl who made it all happen was just delicious.

Faster and faster they both pumped into her, using her young willing flesh to get closer and closer to their release. She could hear them panting as they both exerted a lot of effort moving their muscular hips back and forth they pounded her body. The sensations were fantastic to Bian as yet another orgasm started to build. She'd never had more then 2 in a day, and here she was starting on her third in about 20 minutes. She began to moan and thrash around, but she could not move much because of the two firm poles at either ends of her body holding her in place. They were both so deep she wondered if they could feel each other through her body... That was the last thought she had before the intensity of her orgasm swept her away and turned her into a quivering ball of flesh. Both guys were driven to cum as well as seeing her like this was too much for them to hold off. The guy in her mouth started to cum and she swallowed some but he was pounding her too fast, and some of it landed on her face and chest. The guy at the other end, dropped his load into her sopping cunt and it mixed with the first load.

The guys at either end were replaced by new guys, and they in tern fucked her, and she they for quite some time. The whole pattern continued until there was not a hard dick in the room. Everyone was slumped around in the chairs or on the floor trying to recover. Bian was totally covered in cum, inside and out, but surprisingly was still ready for more. She could not belive that she had taken each of the guys more then once and still felt horny. She did not know that she was capable of such lust, but here she was living it.

Sergeant Eglin went off, and in a minute came back with a role of paper towels from the kitchenette. He passed them out to the other soldiers then started working on cleaning up Bian. She was so touched that he would care about her enough to help her clean up this mess. Soon all the others had joined in as they worked together to get her clean. They tided up the room then they all got dressed. Bian and Eglin were the last to leave and she thanked him for making such an event possible. Later they guys all thanked Eglin too for getting them laid at work. The whole group developed a much tighter relationship with Bian at the center. She got laid several times a day and did not have to worry that people in the office would talk about it, since they were all part of it. Sometimes she would just do 1 on 1, other times she would do several at a time. Friday afternoons, they would bring in some beer and have a little party with Bian at the center. Afterwards they would all work together to clean up and then head home for a nice weekend.

AtomicKisss 58M

8/16/2005 1:42 am

I'm no expert but I honestly think you have talent. The grammar is excellent. The sentence structure, punctuation and mechanics are all good. Perhaps what you do best is set the scene, mood, and tone, by describing some of the nuances (e.g. her leg was shaking up and down, the smell of the air, the combination lock, etc.).

On the negative side, this is not the most erotic story that I have read. I think you would be better served with one minor change. Your writing is very logical when you set the scene. Unfortunately, you employ the same style same for the erotic scenes. Consider using "flowery" type descriptions. Example: "some cum landed on her face and chest" versus "she smiled in delight as she felt hot droplets of cum land on her face..."

Good luck with your writing.

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