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This is a mostly true story of my first meeting with H. I’ve embellished it a bit to make it more exciting to read. Its mostly about how I was feeling before and during the encounter, so its written with knowledge of my feelings but not H’s other then what I could observe. If you would like me to write a sexy story for you, feel free to email me on a free hot mail service using the name lanhuaren.

J_____ was feeling pretty good, but nervous. He was going to meet H_____ for the first time and he wanted it to go well. He had picked his favorite bar in DC, Ortanique, because it had a great atmosphere with a vaulted ceiling and live jazz. He hoped it would make H_____ more relaxed cause he thought she was a little anxious about meeting somebody from AdultFriendFinder. She seemed undecided on if meeting somebody from AdultFriendFinder would make her a bad girl, or at least feel like one.

She had told him she had only recently joined AdultFriendFinder and was not sure anonymous hook-ups were for her. She said she wanted to live life without regrets, including having lots of new sexual experiences, but fear of seeming like a bad girl seemed to keep popping up in her mind, particularly when she talked with J_____ on the phone. He really rather enjoyed the obvious tension in her between being a good girl and a bad girl. He found it really sexy that she could understand she was conflicted about what to do, yet wanted to meet with him anyway. He knew that if pushed too hard, or too far, she would pull back and he'd be out there all by himself which is the last thing he wanted. So he vowed again to be patient, and make sure that his desire for her remained under control so as not to scare her away.

They were supposed to meet at 6:30, and J_____ could hardly wait. He'd been watching the clock for hours wishing that it was time for him to go to the bar. He wondered what she would be like. He'd seen her picture, and what he had seen made him very excited. She was fine boned, and very slender, which he loved. She clearly worked out a lot and was proud of her body. Just thinking about kissing her lips or her hips made his dick tingle. He had even jerked off to her picture after they chatted on line the first time. He'd not done that to a picture of a woman in years...

Sitting at his desk, he could not help but wonder what would happen tonight. Would it be a total bust? Both of them too nervous to say anything intelligent, or worse, that they were not nervous at all because there was no chemistry? God this is torture he though.

He remembered the conversation they had on Monday that built into a wild phone sex session. One of the areas that H_____ wanted to try was a three way with two women and a guy. She'd fooled around with girls in college a bit when drunk, but had never gone beyond kissing. She told him she thought she was ready to do more, but really did not know if she could go through with it. So the phone call had focused on the idea of H_____ and this woman making out on a sofa while J_____ was across the room. The two women really started to get into it, so they went into the bed room with J_____ following. The woman ended up eating H_____'s pussy till J_____ got involved and started to fuck the woman from behind. H_____ got a fantastic view of the woman's face buried in her pussy, with J_____'s face right above as he fucked the woman from behind. Each time he pounded into her, her face was pushed forward into H_____'s pussy, and the force of that impact rippled across H_____'s body. She came so hard she all but blacked out. Replaying this in his mind today, J_____ had to keep readjusting his cock in his pants so he would not have a huge bulge when he stood up to go get something off the printer. If only the people in his office knew what he was thinking or was hoping would happen tonight...

So finally 6:15 rolled around and J_____ could take off. He all but ran down the hallway. He made it to Ortanique by 6:25, and sat in the easy chair by the door to wait for H_____. Would she show up? Would she like him? Would they kiss tonight? Would she invite him over for a "drink"? The uncertainty was unnerving, but very exciting at the same time. Not knowing what would happen was in itself a thrill. He sat there with his heart pounding, waiting.

"6:30, she should be here" he thought. "6:35 Hope she shows up soon". "6:37, Is that her? It is! Oh god she's really as pretty as her picture's made her out to be." She was dressed in a sleeveless white silk blouse, with a very short red skirt on. She was an absolute knockout with lovely brown hair, bright eyes, and a wonderful tan. He wondered if he was going to see the tan line she'd mentioned... Not to mention the fact that she had a killer ass. He was an ass guy through-and-through. Most women seemed to think that their asses were too big, but if was firm and not too think, he loved it. In that red skirt, her butt was spectacular. She looked 25, not the 35 her profile said she was. She seemed to like what she was seeing of J_____, as she had a big smile on her face. "Hi J_____" she said and moved closer to him. J_____ leaned in and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. He loved the feel of her skin, and the faint perfume that she was wearing. Touching her skin was absolutely electric. He could tell the kiss had a similar effect on her, as she flushed a little and thanked him.

He showed her the way into the bar, and put his hand in the small of her back as she walked by, as if to steady her. He thought it looked gracious and gentlemanly, but really he was just dying to touch her. He figured H_____ knew it was an excuse to touch her again, but did nothing to discourage it, which he saw as a very positive sign.

They sat at the bar with their knee's and thighs nearly touching. God she has beautiful legs. Such fantastic thighs. Oh to have those wrapped around my head or waist... She'd told him earlier, that she would be anxious because she was not sure if she wanted to go through with this, so she wanted to have a drink to relax her a bit. He attracted the barman's eye and he came over and took their order. He figured he should try to get some light conversation going to help her feel a little more at ease, because he guessed she was a wreck inside and needed a little distraction. They made small talk for about 40 minutes about jobs, houses and how strange it is to meet people on AdultFriendFinder face-to-face. Over that time, H_____ visibly relaxed as she became more comfortable with this new and very strange situation.

J_____ had a lot of trouble focusing on the conversation because he kept playing fantasies in his mind about how he'd love to make love to this beautiful woman. Since he was sitting to her left he noticed that if he was at the right angle he could see through the gaps in her blouse and see the swellings of her delicate little breasts. He felt like he was 14 again looking down the shirt of his German teacher when he had to stay after class because he'd failed another quiz. The teacher had small breasts and never wore a bra, so he often could see her hard little nipples. Thinking about this fond memory and seeing part of H_____'s breasts, he could not help but get hard. He'd always felt that both men and women made too much about breast size. He could really be turned off, if a woman's breasts were too large. He loved breasts that were in proportion to the size of the woman, and H_____'s looked to be just right. If only he could kiss them right here...

He was fully hard now and was a little uncomfortable, as his cock was straining against his pants. He did not want to be rude and let on that he had lost track of the conversation because he was horny, but on the other hand, he knew that she was just a little shy and would not initiate anything on her own. If nothing happened here, it might not happen at all. Without any further thought, he rested his hand on her thigh. She seemed to quiver a little but continued with the conversation. He slowly began to stroke her knee and thigh. He loved the feel of her skin and the obvious willingness to let him touch her. Clearly his touch was having an effect as she again blushed a little and did not make eye contact with him for a few moments. She seemed lost in the physical sensation of his touch.

J_____ loved the feeling of touching her there in public, at the bar, knowing that she was getting turned on. He could not wait to find out just how turned on she was. While casually continuing the conversation, he started to slide his hand further up her thigh, so that he his hand was right at the edge of her skirt which was just a few inches below her pussy. Slowly and gently he rubbed her soft flesh, and she began to lose her train of conversation as her arousal became more and more intense. The flush in her cheeks spread out to her neck, and to the exposed part of her chest. It was while looking at her chest that he noticed that he could now see her nipples clearly making little indentation in her silk blouse. Seeing that made him even more turned on. Oh, man this girl is hot.

The bar was dark, and they were in the corner, so J_____ figured it was time to turn things up a bit. He caught her eye with his, and slid his finger under her skirt. Her eyes widened in surprise, but there was no fear in them. She was clearly willing to let things continue. His whole hand was under her skirt and slowly sliding up toward her crotch. His body blocked the view of anyone behind him, so nobody could see what his hand was doing. Would the good girl try to stop him, or would the bad girl win out and take over? He did not know and the tension was almost too much to bear, but the thought of touching her pussy in the restaurant was thrilling and he did not want to stop now that things had gone this far. Finally he could reach her pussy and could feel her panties. She had not stopped him, so he knew they were going to make love tonight. He felt totally in control of the evening now, so he was no longer in a great hurry.

He slowly slid his fingers around her pussy and thighs. His touch was very light, more to tease then to really stimulate her. He wanted to make her wetter then she'd ever been, before he took things much further. This teasing did seem to be having an effect, as her eyes had taken on a bit of a glassy appearance as she focused on the feelings from her pussy. She had stopped talking by now, as she was not really capable of finishing a sentence, so J_____ just watched her slowly loose control of her good girl side. Her hips were thrusting forward occasionally trying to push against his finger. Her breathing was a bit erratic and her mouth was open a bit. Her nipples were making little tents in her blouse. J_____ was turned on to see her surrender to the feelings, feeling like a god for being able to bring about her arousal and capitulation to the bad girl in her.

After judging her ready, he asked "do you want a finger?" H_____ looked at him and nodded quickly. "You have to ask for it" J_____ said. He wanted her to admit to herself and him that the bad girl wanted sex. He did not want this moment to go unacknowledged, so that later she could not say that it was all his fault, not her decision. She did not respond, so he increased the tempo of his teasing, but made no move to slide a finger under her panties. After a moment, she said "please!" in a pleading tone. "Please what?" J_____ replied. "You have to say it..." H_____ responded "Please put a finger in my pussy, J_____. I want to feel you in me!" Quickly J_____ slid his finger under her panties and buried himself in her cunt. She was soaking wet and very hot. She gasped as his finger went into her so quickly and deeply. She closed her eyes leaned back against the wall and moaned gently. His finger began to slowly pump in and out as he finger fucked her pussy. He could feel just how tight she was, and could tell that she worked out a lot. He could not wait to get his rock hard cock there as he knew it would feel fantastic. But first he needed to take care of her urgent needs.

He slipped a second finger into her and positioned his thumb on her clit, so he could give her something to clamp down on with her pussy and some stimulation right on her clit. She responded with a louder moan and grabbed a hold of his left arm to steady herself on the bar stool. he could feel her passion through the intense grip of her hand on his arm, and loved the feeling of having created these feelings in her. Her hips were matching his thrusts with his fingers, and they quickly settled into a steady rhythm. Each thrust was met with a little moan from her beautiful full lips as the stimulation of her cunt sent waves of pleasure washing across her body. J_____ loved watching her body respond to his touch. The rapid rise of her breasts, the squeezing of her hand on his arm, the flush to her cheeks all said she was turned on and building to a big cum.

J_____ wanted to make her cum. He had never made a woman cum in public before, and thought it was pretty close to the kind of stuff that H_____ wanted but was afraid of. He picked up the tempo of his thrusts, and leaned over to kiss her lips. H_____ responded enthusiastically and thrust her tongue deep into J_____'s mouth. This turned him on even more. She grabbed his head with her other hand and pulled him into a passionate embrace. After several minutes of soul kissing, J_____ pulled back just a bit then bend over to kiss her neck and whispered "You are so sexy. I want you! I want to FUCK you!" She responded by thrusting harder against his hand in her crotch. Clearly she liked hearing him talk dirty to her. He responded by saying "Do you want to cum? I'd love to feel you cum around my fingers, here with other people in the room". She replied with a breathless "Yesss, Make me cum! I'm so hot, and I need to cum!"

J_____ continued to finger fuck her sopping wet pussy and started to kiss her mouth again. H_____ was clearly close to Cumming as J_____ could feel her tremble all over and she was breathing deeply and quickly while they kissed. Her grip on his arm was like a vise and he could tell it was just a matter of moments. He broke off the kiss again and whispered "You are so sexy. I can't wait to see all of you. I can't wait to be inside you. To cum inside you." This seemed to be exactly what she needed to hear as she took one last deep breath and dug her nails into his arm. "oh, oh, oh" she whispered as the orgasm swept over her. J_____ could feel the contractions around his finger as her pussy released its energy in a serious of waves. He could feel mussels all over her body tense and relax. She moved her hips several times then began to lighten her thrusts and finally stopped moving her hips. J_____ slowed his thrusts to match her movements, then withdrew his fingers. He pulled his hand out and noticed that his fingers were so wet they had pruned. He whole hand was covered in her woman juice which delighted and aroused him.

After several minutes H_____ opened her eyes and sat up on the stool. "Thank you! That was wonderful." she told him. J_____ replied, "It looked like a lot of fun from where I was! You are very sexy to watch. I can't wait to see you naked". She thought a moment, then said "Would you like to see that?" He immediately replied that he would and suggested they head over to her apartment. She agreed without any hesitation. J_____ settled up their tab, then suggested they use the restrooms to freshen up a bit after their little encounter. J_____ needed to wash off his fingers and figured H_____ might like a chance to gather herself.

The went downstairs and kissed at the doorway to the restrooms. The kiss started out as a little peck, like "I'll see you in a moment" kind of kiss, but the passion that they had created seemed to know no limits, and soon their tongues were battling it out and their hands were roaming all over each other's backs and butts. J_____ was still rock hard, and it did not take much for him to decide that waiting until they got to her apartment to get busy was definitely too long to wait. He grabbed her hand and ducked into the Men's room with her. H_____ gasped and protested, but her protests were more for form's sake as she willingly slipped into the men's room with him. Seems she needed a fucking just as badly as J_____ did.

Ortanique has some of the nicest bathrooms in DC with actual separate rooms for each toilet with a door that locks. They have lots of mood lighting and even a large mirror leaning against the wall to let you examine your clothing from floor level. (I have no idea why there are mirrors leaning against the wall, but there they are!) The room was empty as J_____ knew since they'd been making out right outside for 15 minutes. J_____ escorted her into the room with the toilet, left her there, and went back and grabbed the mirror, which was the size to be mounted over a dresser, and brought it into the bathroom and closed the door. H_____ looked at the mirror wordlessly then at J_____. All he said was "Trust me". She did. J_____ leaned the mirror against the far wall opposite the toilet. He then dropped his pants and underwear and sat down on the toilet with his rock hard cock sticking straight up. H_____ eye it with obvious desire.

"Take off your panties" J_____ said. H_____ did as requested then J_____ motioned to her to knee down in front of him. As she knelt down, he caressed her head and face with his hands. "I would love it if you sucked me a bit" J_____ asked. He did not want to force her to do this, as he knew so many guys did. He wanted her to know that it was her choice. She looked up at him with obvious pleasure as she slowly bent over and took his thick cock into her mouth. She clearly knew what she was doing as it felt wonderful to him. She was able to take about 3/4 of his cock into her mouth and knew how to keep the rhythm steady so that the stimulation of her lips did not fade. "Oh baby, your mouth is magical. It feels so good to have your mouth wrapped around my cock!" he told her. He loved to see a woman give him a blow job. There was just something nasty about seeing his cock sliding into her mouth. He thought a lot of the thrill for him in a BJ was that a woman was the psychological, knowing that a woman was willing to suck his cock rather then the physical pleasure of it. He could also see her in the mirror. Her sexy ass facing the mirror with her head bobbing up and down around his cock. He could see up her skirt because of the angle of the mirror and saw for the first time the swollen red lips of her pussy. Seeing and feeling all of this was a real thrill to him.

After a few minutes J_____ realized he was close to Cumming and asked H_____ to stop. She looked up at him, mouth bulging with cock and reluctantly let go of his thick tool. He asked "Do you want to be fucked?" She smiled and nodded. He said "turn around so you can see yourself in the mirror. She did as he asked, then hiked her skirt up around her slender waist. J_____ could now admire one the greatest asses he had ever seen. Slender, without an ounce of excesses fat, it was smooth and shapely without being too much. "God was a beautiful ass you have!" he said. H_____ said "I think its too big". He replied "No, No, Its so sexy. You have the perfect ass!" He pulled her ass back toward him and kissed it. He then pulled her back and down so she was straddling his legs facing away from him. He slipped the head of his cock into her pussy mouth as she eased back, so that he slowly slide into her hot, wet channel as she rested her weight on him. J_____ moaned out loud as he felt her wetness caress his cock, just like her mouth had done a moment before. "Oh baby, your are so hot" he exclaimed. “I can't believe I'm screwing you, you are so hot." She responded to his praise by rocking her hips back and forth to give them both some friction.

They could see themselves in the mirror and this was an extra thrill for them both. H_____’s tight little ass was bouncing up and down on J_____’s cock as they both watched the action intently. J_____ reached around to grab her tits through her blouse which had remained buttoned through all this action. He could feel her rock hard nipples which he give both a hard pinch. “Oh Baby, I love it when you do that!” H_____ said. “Harder, Harder” she begged. J_____ was only too happy to comply as he loved to squeeze nipples. “Oh, OH, OH, OH” was H_____’s impassioned reaction to this extra stimulation. “Keep squeezing them, make me cum!” she begged. He did as she asked while pulling her whole body toward his so that he could feel the weight of her against him while they fucked.

J_____ was pretty close to Cumming. He was really into the whole scene. The hot and willing woman, fingering her in the bar, the bathroom, the mirror and now fucking her tight hot snatch from behind was just too much. And on top of that she was really starting to make a lot of noise. She alternated between loud moans and talking dirty. H_____ seemed to really be into this as she said “Fuck me, Fuck me! Give it to me baby. I’m a nasty girl and I need to be fucked. OH, OH, OH! You’ve made me so bad, so horny. Give it to me. Oh, OH, OH, OHH, OHHHHHHH!” as she started to cum. Her hips started to buck wildly as she slammed her ass back again his iron hard cock. She leaned back so she could find his mouth and kissed him passionately as their bodies continued their heated race to the finish. J_____ could feel her pussy contract once then a second later her main orgasm hit and he felt a whole rapid series of contractions. He loved the feeling of being in a woman when she came. H_____ seemed to be in rapture as she continued to wiggle her ass around his cock. Her eyes were closed as she soul kissed J_____ passionately as her orgasm broke around her. He could hear her breathing fast as they kissed and could feel the sweat on her face from the flush of her orgasm. Wow what a woman.

They rested a moment as H_____ regrouped from her second orgasm of the night. J_____ had yet to cum, but knew it was only moments away. Gently he caressed her body and quickly undid her blouse, so he could finally feel her breasts directly. They were delightful little handfuls and he loved cupping them with his hands. She leaned back against him and rested while he played with her tits. She had a wonderful dreamy smile on her face as she gazed back at him.

After several minutes of rest, J_____’s passions began to take over again and his hips again started to move just a little. “OH baby, your cock feels so good in me.” H_____ said. J_____ said “I want to finish you doggie style. Stand up!” H_____ and J_____ both got up off the toilet at the same time so cock and pussy remained firmly connected. They continued forward with J_____ holding H_____’s waist so she could lower her hands to the ground and then her knees. Soon She was on all fours with J_____ behind her with his cock buried to the hilt inside her beautiful body. Her head was only a few inches from the mirror and she could look into to so see J_____ standing behind her looking down on her half naked body. J_____ realized that she was half naked and found the zipper on her skirt, so that he could remove it entirely. His breath was taken away when he saw her beautiful little body before him naked except for her sexy little high heels. She had no strap lines, and just a tiny little bikini bottom tan line. Her skin was silkily smooth and there was not an ounce of extra fat anywhere. “God she was fucking hot” J_____ thought, not for the first time.

He grabbed ahold of her ass on either side and began to really give her a hard tooling with his cock. “Wow, You feel so good from behind! You are so tight and wet. I love the shape of your little ass and the lines of your narrow waist. You are just so sexy” J_____ pounded her deeply for several moments then eased up as he did not want to cum too soon. He let go of her hips and grabbed the globes of her ass, one in each hand. They were so hard and firm, it was a real thrill. H_____ was clearly enjoying the ride she was getting as she bucked back against him. J_____ loved taking a woman from behind. He loved the feel of a shapely ass against his thighs, the sound they made when they smacked together, and being able to see and touch so much of his partner’s body. He loved to take in the curve from hip to waist and back out to shoulders, and thought just how sexy a woman looked like this. It was this thought that really pushed his buttons and finally tipped him over the edge. He did not come right away, but he’d passed the point that it was possible to stop, so he grabbed ahold of her hips again and really thrusted hard into her. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK echoed around the little room as their bodies collided again and again. “OH God, I’m gonna cum! Oh, Oh, OH, you are so fucking hot. I love fucking you. Oh, Oh, OH” was what he was shouting as he reached the point of release. As his cum started to spurt into her hot pussy, he grabbed handfuls of ass cheek again and squeezed her as hard as he could as the feelings of orgasm were just too intense. He could feel the contractions wash over him as he empted his sticky load into her. It had felt so good to fuck her and even better to cum in her. He was moaning and panting as he eased his grip on her body and then slumped down onto her back.

They rested like that for a moment completely still for a moment then they began to find their various pieces of clothing so they could be somewhat presentable when they got outside the restroom. Anybody who took more then a casual glance would know in a second what they had just been up to, but neither of them really cared at the moment. As they got fully dressed and were ready to make their return to more normal events, J_____ asked “So you still want to go back to your apartment?” H_____ gave him a wicked little grin and said, “I sure hope so, I’m just getting warmed up”…

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