Sexpost: Laura on her own (at last!)  

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10/1/2005 7:44 am

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Sexpost: Laura on her own (at last!)

This again is true it did happen, it wasn’t quite as smooth as depicted here, and yes for some strange reason I usually always keep a small toy in my pocket, cleaned of course!!

Laura also looked beyond exhausted, but her sweat was so sweet and her nipples so lovely, i couldn't help but continue to lick and suck the previously neglected right nipple. Laura groaned as she realised she wasn't quite finished, being turned on by 'j' stunning beauty as much I has always been - she so much wanted to cum again, but knew she just simply didn't have the energy for it. We decided to dress and headed out leaving 'J' with her new and equally exhausted black friends. Neither of us could hardly walk, and driving was very difficult with conversation exploring the dirtier desires of Laura's mind. 'j' had obviously taught her a lot in these few hours, and as we walked up Sauchiehall street we teased each other relentlessly with desires and spoken perversions. I discovered a lot about her, and her of me. We found a quiet alley way, a dark corner under some stairs, and I started to rub her forcefully again - to make sure she was ready for me. Then thrusting myself deep into her I removed her belt and mine while I lifted her onto me. Pressing her against the cold hard concrete wall, I was able to get deep inside her. I could push with all my might, and I honestly felt I would surely pierce her back, I was felt that deep in, and it felt so wonderful . "now!, do it now!" she whispered. I lifted her off me, turned her round and forcefully bent her tightly right over - taking each of our belts I tied her wrists to her ankles tightly, and then fucked her relentlessly. She tried to keep her squeals and moans down as we were sure we could hear people approaching occasionally. I pulled back on her long hair as I thrust deep and deeper inside her. I slid one of the smaller toys into her ass, turned up at full vibration as she squirmed and squirmed, as I kept pounding her. I could feel the vibration of the toy in her arse though the wall of her pussy, and it felt really good. I Reached forward and played with her nipples through her clothing. Suddenly we were aware of someone approaching- we froze -listening to the footsteps getting closer and closer - A dog appeared beside us, and started sniffing around us, as the footsteps got closer and closer - every sense was burning - we tried to move deeper into the shadows, but Laura was now so excited by this possible intrusion, she was close to cuming again. The footsteps got closer, and we could see the mans shoes and trouser legs below the level of the rising stairs, he could only have been a few feet away from us. He called for the dog. my heart pounding, tight against Laura's back, my dick throbbing deep inside her. Suddenly she came, desperately trying to suppress any noise or movement, holding herself in check, desperately straining to stay perfectly still and quiet. The dog whips back at her sudden slight movement and runs back to his master as they walk off down the street, leaving Laura quivering and shaking, totally out of breath, heart pounding and me ever so slightly frustrated. (!)
We stroll back down Sauchiehall street, casually window shopping as we relive the events of the previous few hours. She's teasing me now, she knows I am so frustrated but continually tries to arouse and stimulate me.
We drive back to her place, my mind definitely not on the driving. I hardly have the concentration to walk up the stairs to her flat, and collapse onto her couch as she goes through to her bedroom and changes. I stare down at the smooth wooden floor as the morning sunlight streams into the room, and I shield my eyes from it. Suddenly she rolls in, skating majestically on rollerblades, wearing the tightest gym pants I have ever seen, and the brightest most loud (embarrassingly 80s) t-shirt imaginable. She skates around, as I nurse my throbbing erection, she bends over for me as she skates, splaying her legs wide - i can't take my eyes off her. without warning her pants rip down the arse and I get a gorgeous view of her hole, she slides towards me and slips cautiously onto my throbbing dick. Her pussy is too sore to be hammered, but she knows I love to fuck ass as well. She eventually ends up face down, arse up, on the floor over a stool, as I pounded her arse so hard she can't get a proper grip on the floor even with her rollerblade safety gloves on. my balls whacking against her pussy each time I thrust deep into her, I grip tight onto her, pulling her up so I can get in further and further. Harder and faster I pound as she screams louder and louder, then suddenly, and with devastating effect, I spurt my whole load deep inside her, pressing her hard against the floor as she groans in majestic pleasure at the first time of getting her ass so brutally assaulted, she couldn't help but cum. We slide lying together, intertwined and fall asleep on the floor, half naked and totally fulfilled.

On a personal note: Thank you Laura, as you know I had never pushed, or been pushed that far before, and although we have done many varied and wonderful things since then, thank you for trusting me that night and for allowing me to post these three blogs

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