Sexpost: Extreme Tease Pt 1  

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10/8/2005 4:27 am

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Sexpost: Extreme Tease Pt 1

As many of you know, i'm not quite happy with this one yet, doesnt seem to potrait feelings as well as i would like. Any thoughts would be gratefully recieved. - nico.

It has been three hours
Maybe four
Since you almost came
You’re a crying
Whimpering like a child
Your hands tied tight behind your back
But it is not of sadness
Definitely not of greif
Maybe a little pain
But more the desperate desire
Of sweet encapsulating release

your body is shaking
your heart wants to burst
you cant feel anything else
but the overwhelming lust
the desire to die
just to cum
to release the pressure
the intense pleasure
muscles quiver
your body shakes
the nerves at their limit
you so desperately want to cum
but the gentle tantric feel of my fingers
almost touching, but not quite
sending ripples of fascination
waves of delight
Spiraling through out your body

Getting you so close
With the gentle caress of my tongue
Then keeping you there
As you squirm and try to cum
As your clit retracts
I slide back
Hold you down
Do something to take you off the heat
Make you cool down
Then start it all over again
Repeat, intense, pull back

Not just the tongue, not just the clit,
so many different combinations
stand you, whip you, caress your nipples
kissing with so much passion
a little food play
gentle cream
strawberries sting over swollen flesh
some physiological elements
role-play a little fear

the random change of technique
it almost way too much
but you hold on,
too scared
you know not quite how this will feel
the strength ‒ the power - much more
than you have ever felt before
you feel like you almost want to black out
so faint so light
tripping on air
sweat pouring out of you

the feeling so incredible
but your body is too scared
to let go and for a moment
that beautiful tender moment
the moment when you know
you cant hold on
muscles tighten
concentration builds

You may think this is maybe too much
But it is only preparation
Because after the first
There will be many more
Some controlled in quick succession
In others I will let you rest
Try something new to stimulate
But at all times
Your body will be crying out for more
So reception to my touch
So eager and so willing

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