Savor each sting of pain  

rm_nico121 48M
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10/15/2005 7:38 am

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8/7/2007 3:11 am

Savor each sting of pain

For Dii

Savor each sting of pain
Savor the nerves as the impulse
rushes tight through your body
The waves of power
running so deep
Hitting each node
As you squeal
Savor the anticipation
Not knowing when
I will strike
The leather against your skin
How hard?
How fast?
When Will it happen again?
Same place, same pain?
Then the tenderness of my touch
The extreme intensity
As I touch you there
Where the nerves end
The feelings begin
You try to react
But your tied so hard
This feeling of surrender
Makes you feel so complete
You know it will last
For each lash
Is changing who you are
Redefining your possibilities
Of where you are
Is it blood you feel
Running down your leg?
Or sweat of anxiety
Something new each time
A new sensation
A new depravation
A new depth of pleasure
depth of fulfillment

as i corrupt your senses
more and more.

smartypants2u 45F
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8/1/2007 12:31 pm

Say there sweetie...
Have you lost your inspiration to write
I miss reading your blog...

Feel free to come take a glance at my blog smartypants2u... Looking forward to hearing you...

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