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7/20/2005 9:26 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Network Friends

Network Friends

Why is it
so many of you
accept a network invite
then never reply again

almost without fail
everyone i have met
in person from this site
have become friends
and if the chemistry is right
as it regularly is
become regular playmates
to enjoy and pleasure

but the potential is there
to meet so many more
if you would only respond
to our interest in you

we're not really into
merely chatting online
it is fun but limited
too restrained for our taste
we're not into swapping pictures
selling our videos
or linking to porn
it's not our scene
we're more hands on
more sensual
more sensuous
more sexual
more exploratory
more extreme
more passionate
more eyes
licking thighs
tasting our way
to the pleasure we seek
giving as much as we can
pushing the fun
pushing the limits
of what you can endure
fulfilling your fantasies

we are gentle to the shy
open minded with the experienced
we get a kick
out of new things we try
new people we fuck
girls we lick out
each response different
each taste so sweet
and when the time comes
we get them together
all in one place
and let them loose on each other

built on trust and respect
we play with each other
give us the pleasure
we desire in our lives

so if you want to be part of it
introduce you to the circle
email us back
check each other out

whatever you see
whatever you feel
however you taste
regardless of race
there are depravities
waiting to be explored
you wouldn't be here

so let us open your mind
seek your pleasure and desires
as you fulfill ours
in giving you what you want

even if you don't want to meet
anyone else from here
we respect your boundaries
we each have our limits
but our focus is fun
pure and simple

and to see how much pleasure
you can endure

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