An introduction  

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7/26/2005 11:10 pm

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An introduction

When nervously touching
your skin with my tongue
its smoothness so supple
the taste to sublime

as i caress from your belly button
then jump straight to your thighs
and carefully tease out you
all of those deep passionate cries

of pleasure and delight
building up so so strong
as i tease you for much longer
more stimuli to help you along

but the pain in the frustration
i see in your face
is so arousing and orgasmic
in mine not a trace
of the evil vindictiveness
i feel deep inside
to keep you on edge for so long
not even a hint of pride

because its your strength thats doing this
your mind that is so wonderfully perverse
to take all these new stimuli
in the deep pleasure you immerse

now as my fingers
still teasing your thighs
your hands tied behind you
and me you despise
because i havn't touched you
only teased you so close
and your soaking and dripping body
wrenching in sexual throes

you so desperately want to touch yourself
feel the heat off your clit
relief the pressure thats built up
but i won't let you quit

for you have several hours of this
still to slowly endure
you little body can't take anymore of this
but i make it for sure

as my tongue presses gently
at the base of your cunt
your body tied down so tight
the shackles cold but blunt
your try to jerk and fight
against the bonds so strong
as my tongue starts to lick you
a climax you desperately long

but that won't be happening
not for a while yet
as my tongue licks up higher
a rhythm i set

long hard strokes up and down
the flicking hard back and fro
break the rhythm suddenly
not knowing here next i will go

gentle almost touching
your inner lips with my tongue
sending spasms of shock through your body
intensity notched up one more rung

and i lick more deep in you
expertly probing around
clasping your mouth firmly tight
so you cant make a sound

never touching your clit
just watching it swell
tasting the sweet juices
i love so so well

teasing gently around it
each sensation of air so profound
you feel it will explode with pressure
even from the rhythm of sound

you scream and moan orgasmically
at each gentle tongue flick i apply
each deep probing thrust
a louder more passionate cry

then i start to violate your tight ass
with your favorite butt plug
its purring vibrations
like an hallucinogenic drug

so tongue deep in one side
and toy sliding so far up your ass
you feel so wonderfully violated
but still as fragile as glass

the feelings deep inside you
as your clit start to retract
i stop and wait slowly
patiently counting my next time to act

all this so very very slowly
over several amazing hours
but i know when you finally climax
your horomones won't dissapate their powers

they are still there,
not just lurking, but in full flow
so many more intense orgasms ready
as the feelings still grow

now its not your sexual stamina
which will limit us here
but your little bodies own energy
pushing past another frontier

24hours of intensity,
30 hours of full play
so your body is knackered
but we won't call it a day

a brief rest of sleep
then we start all over again
giving you just enough time to recover
subdue the dull pain

because after the fortieth orgasm
you feel they get more intense
your body can barely take any more
but musn't give in to common sense

because our sexual stamina
is still pushing for more
exhausting us to our limits
right to our core

so we seek out new stimuli
new perversions to give us a kick
thats where you as the reader come in to this story
you could be our new trick

our new focus of attention
to give our extreme pleasure
to abuse your poor body
at your own pace and leisure

so now you know who we are
and what you can expect
we look forward to hearing from you
if we are interesting enough to select

but one final note
regardless of how wonderful you are
a bonding chemistry is vital
for that we'll meet at a bar
somewhere public but quiet
cool and discrete
so chat on line first
and we can discuss where to meet

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