Why She Won't Have Sex With You!  

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7/4/2005 12:27 pm

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Why She Won't Have Sex With You!

Before you jump to conclusions and consider her a prude or teaser, these are the most likely reasons why she got cold feet:

1. Mother nature has made her monthly call and she's on her period.
2. She is concerned that if she has sex with you so soon in the relationship you will think she is nothing but a promiscuous cheap whore and you won't see her again.
3. She is concerned that she might get pregnant or even worse, contract a sexual disease.
4. She only has sex with someone that she is in love with and being that you have just met she has not had time to get to know you and feel love for you.
5. When she has had casual sex in the past she feels empty and ashamed of herself the next morning. So, she feels uncomfortable repeated the same empty and unfulfilling experience.
6. You made the mistake of falling into the "Let's just be friends" category.
7. You're not dominent enough to attract her.
8. She suspects you're a wussy.

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