Are online relationships less valid than in-person relationships?  

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7/6/2005 9:41 am

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Are online relationships less valid than in-person relationships?

Great post by papyrina on her blog, "Friends without faces". It was only yesterday when a friend and I were chatting about meeting other bloggers, we started talking about whether it's fair to judge an online relationship as somehow less valid than an in-person relationship. We've known one another online and by phone for nearly two years and only met in person sometime back. Is our relationship real now and was not real when it was virtual, supported by technology? Would we be better friends if we ONLY knew one another in person and lived next door to one another? Going forward from this time, should we assume all our relationships will rely on a lot of electronic connection and a little in-person connection?

Can one have a metrics of intimacy? And if there is such a scale, are online relationships always less "real" than so-called real world relationships? I still have something a friend once said swirling around in my head. He said that perhaps blogging is a way of connecting like minds and creating a network of thought that does not require corporeal proximity (my words, his idea, I'm not sure how he put it exactly.)

Is falling in love online not real? Is it not love? Are friendships on IRC not legitimate, but an aberration supported by technology? Is it time to stop judging one way as less real and one as more real? Perhaps it's a pointless distinction.


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7/28/2005 1:15 am

there's no such thing as dreaming: it's all real ...

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