first time (southern style)  

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2/21/2006 5:16 pm

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first time (southern style)

Decided to write this here blog since it does appear that is what everyone does! After care full research it also appears that "first time" stories seem to be very popular so here goes.

Being from the south my first time was not what most would expect, nor was it what I at 15 was really hoping for. Yeah, I know the trend for the first time for a guy is suppose to be great and the first time for a girl is supposed to be at best great but usually it is just so-so to blah. So what was the problem?

For starters I think it had to do with her being considerable older than myself, 30 years to be exact and the fact that my father walked in on us. I knew using my parents bedroom was a bad idea, never could hear the door to the trailer open up from in there. I can still see the look on my fathers face seeing us bare ass, her bent in half like that and all. On his bed to boot. Seeing us there, he kinda mumbled something as he slinked back out of the room shutting the door behind himself.

I was so nervous later at diner, I just knew he was going to say something and I wanted him to just get it over with. When he finally did speak, I realized he had kinda mixed emotions over the situation, not unlike the mixed emotions one feels when his best friend runs off with his mother-in-law.

Turns out he was only alittle upset with me, being that all I did was what 15 year old boys all try to do, bag an older women. But he was really upset with Mom. He was upset for her not waiting for him. Dad thought it was important that they both be there seeing how it was my first time and all.

I guess they do things different in the south!

The preceding story is hog wash it is not true. I never lived in a trailer!!!

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2/22/2006 9:08 pm

that is really funny write well ... we need you in our laffs group .... some good folks there ... some southern humour, some brit plus our silly canadian style ..... special folks .... consider yourself officially invited!!! just tell em u you know me & i said you were ok Just4Laughs chk it out ... if you like it, join in

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