Mel Gibson is an asshole...but so am I  

rm_nhtyger 38M
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7/31/2006 9:10 am
Mel Gibson is an asshole...but so am I

He's just more likely to get away with it.

Alot of people are pretty full of themselves here and in life...this is surprising to me as a person who lacks confidence. I've done everything I can to boost testosterone levels...changed my diet, gave up drinking, masturbate less, started lifting weights, bought a couple of rifles and joined a range.

But, confidence is an intangible that can't be purchased, and divorce generally doesn't help.

Female friends tell me I'm a 'nice guy' Hate that. These are usually the people I enjoy talking to the most...cerebral, intellectual and fun women. We end up being platonic friends, and I end up sleeping with women I can't talk to.
I realized that I can have one or the other with women...good conversation and no sex or good sex but not good conversation. It's not JUST me, well, it is and isn't. Alot of the more cerebral women I meet are less attractive. But the cerebral women don't want me, either. In fact, I've been rejected by women I'm not interested in

Is there some kind of rule that intelligent women don't have a high sex drive and/or are not attractive...or maybe they do and are, but they have so many suitors, I'm not desirable to them. This is where my lack of confidence comes creeping in again.

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