LIfe is Awesome  

rm_newsherriff 53M
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8/8/2006 9:05 am
LIfe is Awesome

Yeah I know I complained here - but that as getting to learn the ropes. A friend suggested this place because she really enjoyed it. I found it boring at first. Then it got better. I mean my life is so good why waste time here - that's what I was thinking - seemed the women here were phony and gawd knows who needs that. And responses were slim - but then things picked up.

So fitting this into my already busy lifestyle at first seemed like something I was just not going to do. BUT now - I get on here every once in a while and have been having great fun.

BUT life is fun. I have done so many things this past week that have been incredible. Lot's of time on the water, beach, meeting new people, hanging with old friends - enjoying the outdoors.

This place has become like frosting on an already delightful existence. LAst week at the lakefront a beautiful young woman came up to me while I was leaning on a table chatting with a friend from out of town - and introduced herself. Very pretty. Lot's of fun.

She has recently moved here - and is in the process of settling in. we enjoyed a few lakeside beers before moving indoors to listen to some jazz musicians play. More drinks and more fun.

NO we didn't bump beauties that night but have since and is was tasty. I enjoy meeting women this way and there are so many nice women around.

Anyway it has been hectic and it is getting busier for me - work and travel wise - so it has been busier meeting new peopel as well and that is fun.

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