Wow, what a week! or 2  

rm_nemo732 55M
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4/13/2006 9:52 pm
Wow, what a week! or 2

This is my marathon week. I work over the weekend, so no down time. A very long week. It all started actually two weeks ago, then came drill. We have drill one weekend a month and I get to see all my guy's (and one girl). A few of them from out of town always crash at my apartment (AKA the cave). So, since we went really doing any flight training, I decided to have choir practice. This is a time honored tradition were we go somewhere and tilt a few. That resulted in a late, but fun night. Met a couple of new friends, who we probably will never see again. One tall really hot blonde comes to mind, she was fun. I'm sure she has no recollection of sitting with a group of GI's slamming Yeager shots. Following a late saturday night with an early sunday morning and drill was a success.
Well, it's been raining. Everybody and their uncle wants to go out and view the floods. We have been busier then a two peckered billy goat in heat.
End result, I'm frigging beat, whipped out, and just plain tired. Your tax dollars are getting more then your payin' for this week. I've been back and forth from Sacramento to Fresno more this week then I have in 5 years.
Now normally, I would be O.K. with all this. However, big whine here, my son is on spring break and I don't have the time to spend anytime with him.
Things are looking up. I have a date on Friday night - a real one, not a "coffee date". And maybe another one real soon. Hope, hope, fingers crossed and saying prayers.
All we need now is a little bit of sunshine and dry weather.

Till next time, keep positive thoughts.

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