Weekly Rant, well almost  

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3/28/2006 6:42 pm
Weekly Rant, well almost

It's been a while since I posted to my blog, so I figured I'd better. Nothing specific, just stuff.

My son continues to spend his weekends with me and we continue to have fun and seem to be making our way together just fine. There are a lot of issues still out there that effect us. My getting a job, his mother's recent activities, school, scouts, and all of that stuff. And the fact that he thinks he wants to live with Dad full time. He's not real happy with his Mom these days.

Hopefully, I'll be back at work full time within the next couple of weeks, and full time permanent within a couple of months. That will be so nice, maybe I can pay my taxes and keep my truck. It would be nice to be able to get a two bedroom apartment and some furniture. Then he can have his own room when he's here. Life would sure be easier if I was working full time. Little things that we all take for granted, like medical and dental insurance.

Yup, the ex is really having a great time at my expense. I got an estimate on the taxes I owe this year. 8 grand! She went out and filed single head of household based only on her income for the past year. Instead of talking to me and working out a compromise on the taxes. So I get stuck with the whole load and she got a refund! How she expects me to help out financially with my son is beyond me. Added to the fact is that she has been living off my income the entire year, using my credit, and we did co-habitat for 7 months of the tax year. She has to be breaking a law somewhere, but I'm the man, so by default, I'm in the wrong.

Now she's off working on boyfriend #2 since our separation and has become sexually active again. No big deal really, I just wish she wouldn't lie to me or my son about it. I hope she's being careful, I'd hate for her to get pregnant or catch something. She never was real good about safe sex, we did get married because we got pregnant in the first place.

This whole divorce thing just sucks. I really would rather try to work things out. She absolutely refuses to even try. I think that's what hurts the most, after 12 years she won't even try. Oh well, life will go on.

Recently I have noticed a preference for blonde bartenders, of the female persuasion. Funny, huh? My ex used to be a blonde, now she's a bottle red head. I think I like blonde's better!

I also shaved off the stash after 6 years. Just needed a change. Of course, I had a stash almost all of my life, so maybe its time it was gone. Change can be good, right?

Any thoughts readers?

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