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Nemo's World

I am Nemo, well not really, it's just my AdultFriendFinder handle. It has nothing to do with the sea or submarines or Jules Verne. It was the name of my ex-wifes dog when we got married. Great old dog, shepard mix with a messed up leg.

So lately have been asking myself who I am and how did I end up where I am today. Part of healing is being honest with yourself and doing some seriouse self examination.

Why start a blog? Maybe somebody will read it and offer something worthwhile. Getting your thoughts written down is good for the spirit. Great way to work on my typing and spelling (both suck) LOL

Nemo's world is not a good place. Sometimes it is better then others, but not often. Nemo's world started when, as a dissatified husband he started surfing the web for women. At home late at night, and even at work. Of course I got caught, first at home then at work. However, by the time I got caught at work things at home were actually getting better. That all came to an end when I got caught at work and lost my job because I lied about it. I told you Nemo's world was not a good place.

That was nine months ago. I screwed up, lost my job, my wife, and my life that I had known. I had left one career to start another only five years before and lost it too. My sons world has been turned upsidedown. The consecuences of my actions I alone have to live with and will for the rest of my life.

However, I believe that one must learn from mistakes and move on. The goal has been to get a full time job and try to save my family. So far, not so good. While I can work part time, full time perminent employment has elluded me. And saving my family well, that has failed. She is a wonderful woman and I love her. But she moved to her mothers place, bought a trailer to live in and has since then been playing cruel games. First she sold almost all of our things in a yard sale! For next to nothing. Then she cleaned out the bank account, about fifteen grand. Then she got a boyfriend (didn't tell me of course). Then the boyfriend dumped her so around thanksgiving she got back together with me. For one weekend. Since then it has been up and down and now finally the end. I think.

At least I get t see my son every now and ten. But he is confused and hurt and lost. Just like his old man. A new school, no friends. Quit scouts, no friends. He just sits in his room at my mother in laws house and plays computer games.
So I sit in a one room apartment and fight the depression and try to get up in the morning and move forward.

Tonight, Nemo's world sucks.

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