I'm Back, Well Sort Of !!  

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6/4/2006 11:23 am
I'm Back, Well Sort Of !!

It's been over a month since I posted to Nemo's World. A most memorable Month with highs and really low down lows.

Where to start? After almost 10 months my son has come to live with me. He basically couldn't live with his mother, and vise and versus. They argue, all the time. So back on May 5th, while at work getting ready for a weekend trip to central California for work, I got a phone call. Apparently they had been fighting for three days. The message was come and get your kid. I knew what was going on, because both had called me repeatedly. The ex said I wasn't backing her up. She was trying to set some rules and get him to follow them. He said she was treating him like trash and being unreasonable. Bottom line, I picked him up. For the next three weeks hi live out of a suitcase at my brothers house while I tried to find a two bedroom apartment in a decent neighborhood. While this is a major change for me, I thought of it as a high point.

Another high point was getting a full time permanent job that pays O.K. and has benefits. Yeah for me.

Of course I had to find money to move, which I don't have. As well as pay off my tax debt!

And get the Divorce moving. I bought one of those Do It Yourself Kits, met with the ex, explained the procedure to her. Basically did the leg work up to a point. She wants the divorce so I told her she would have to file. I gave her 30 days to do so. I also told her that our son needs some counseling for this very stressful time. I believed that the counseling should involve all of us. I offered to pay for it. I offered to post pone the divorce until after the counseling was completed. She didn't have to change her life style or give up er boyfriend. She waited a day after the meeting and declined my offer, so I restarted that she had 30 days to file or I would.

Then last weekend we moved. I called her during the week to ask about paying off the taxes. We can send them money now and would not accrue any interest. She wanted an account number and refused to pay anything without it. That pissed me off.

So when moving day came I was already mad at her. My son, bless his heart, asked her for a bed and dresser for his new room. She was busy and couldn't get over until Sunday late afternoon. More fuel for my personal fire. So when she did show up I was not in a very good mood. I really didn't want to be around her alone. I was busy and needed to get another load of stuff from the last place. I needed her to stay with my son while I went and got the last load of stuff from the old place. She had plans. She would stay for a little while then leave my son alone. That was not acceptable to me. Heated words where exchanged, very heated and hateful on both sides. Pushing occurred. Then she spit on me. Lets just say that things deteriorated rather quickly from there.

I got to be a guest of the county for a couple of days. This would be the really low. As low as you can go. I lost my temper and only my son kept me from really doing something drastic. With the help of a close personal friend and my brother, she bailed me out. Why she did so, I have no idea. I think between my son, brother, and friends they pressured her into it. Left to her own devices she wouldn't have.

So, I got a lawyer. I went to court. The DA has decided not to file, as yet. Bail rescinded. Still have to pay the bond ($2500.00). I'm out and going to work and sweating out the next ten days or so. The lawyer will now do the divorce for me as well as the current charge. Total cost for loosing my temper with a divorce is around $8000.00. All you men out there, if your in a similar situation with a woman, just walk away and file as quickly as possible. Stay far far away, take care of your kids, and stay as far away from you ex as humanly possible. Otherwise the worst will happen.

I'm a very easy going person who never loses his temper. If it can happen to me it can happen to anybody.

So I'm back. My son is here for the weekend, we are unpacking. He is not arguing with anyone anymore.

Guess we will see what happens next. Stay tuned...

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