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rm_needsum48632 42M
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8/10/2006 3:17 pm

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4/22/2008 10:09 pm

Best Photo Poll

Which Pic Is Your Favorate. Going By The Dates On The Post Select Which Post Has Your Faborite Pic. The Phot Voted #1 Will Be Set To Default In My Profile.
Pic #1 The Pic Already In Proflie
Pic #2 Down Below
Pic #3
Pic #4
Pic #5
Pic #6
Pic #7

rm_sexxikritter 52F
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8/10/2006 9:22 pm

I'm gonna vote for you staying with the pic you have as your main one now. If you could take one without the sunglasses, that would be even better. I don't know how the men on this site feel, but women prefer no cock shots for your main profile pic. We overwhelmingly prefer face shots or a chest or ass shot. I guess it depends who you're trying to attract more of, men or women.

rm_needsum48632 42M

8/11/2006 10:10 pm

LOL Women Of Course But The Guy (My Ex Boss) Was The One Who Took Those Pics Of Me In Front Of The Flags My Camera Isn't That Good And The Don't Look As Good But I Do Have Other Face Shots In My Profile. As For Ass Shots Well It's Kinda Hard For Me To Take Them Myself And I Think Guys Like The Ass Shots Too And I Don't Wanna Give Them The Wrong Idea. And Every Face Shot Has My Chest In Them Covered Or Uncovered. So I'll Stick To The Face Shots Unless I Get More Votes For The Other Type LOL. Tell You The Truth The Cock Shots Are Kinda Embarrassing Because What If Someone I Know And Don't Want To See That See's It You Know LOL. But I Do Have A Face Pic With A Bare Chest In My Profile Photo's. I Was Showing The Cock Shots Because I Was Looking For Sex Foremost And Possibly A Relationship. It Been A Very Long Time Since I've Gotten Any(Could Be Considered A born Again Virgin). To Embarrassing To Admit Exactly How Long. Reason? You May Ask, Well I Went Through A Nasty Divorce And I Just Wasn't Interested In Any Part Of Having A Relationship For The Longest Time. Then I Started Missing The Sex But I Didn't Want To Risk Ending Up Were I Did The Last Time So I Didn't Know How To Approach It. I Was Never Taught About Dating, Relationships, Or Any Of The Rest So I Had To Learn I Go. I Have Very Little Experience And Truthfully My Ex-Wife Was The Only Serious Relationship I Have Ever Had. Even Though I'm Quite Shy I Was Hoping To Expand My Experience A Little And Try To Learn More Before I Entred Into Another Relationship.

rm_needsum48632 42M

8/11/2006 10:19 pm

Ohh! I Want The Good Experience. Not The Stuff That Gets Me In Trouble, Hurts me, Or Shows Me What Not To Look For In A Relationship. I've Had More Than My Fare Share Of That For 2 Life Times.

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