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6/19/2006 11:32 am

From the files of "don't proclaim victory to loudly"

My brother-in-law has all the answers. He is in law enforcement and is constantly telling his siblings how children should be raised. He recently remarried, after driving his wife away after 17 years of verbal abuse. His new wife has a 16 yo daughter and a older son. Neither of which were entirely screwed up although K thought thought they were. He subsequently managed to get his new bride to make the son move back to dad. The daughter wanted the same but his wife wouldn't go for it. Please remember that the daughter wasn't screwed up to begin with. The daugher has had her moments over the past year and K has repeatedly cracked down on her, believing that he was going to straighten her out. Just two weeks ago he was telling all of us that she was doing great and how well it was going. My wife and I had been hearing differently but knew it would be a waste of time to try and tell K different. Last night she is admitted to the hospital for alcohol poisoning. Huge loads of blame is being dumped on her real dad and K is ready to throw her out again. The girl is suffering no ill effects from the alcohol but it is apparent to me that she has a severe problem. K tried to keep it a secret but the towns are way to small for that.
I am sure that this girl is now screwed. If K allows her to stay she will have zero freedom but more likely he will push her out of the house. I am simply amazed at the power that he seems to hold over his wives or worse that he chooses to use it the way that he does. He is an arrogant self centered prick and although I hate to see people get hurt it is simply karma that his step-daughter end up paying the price for it.

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