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10/29/2005 4:32 am

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My friend "dave" stopped by Wednesday night after work. He showed up about the time I was going to bed. We drank a few beers and talked for about an hour. I don't think sex with him is going to work out. I think it would be too wierd to approach him about it. Besides, "rick" came by Thursday! Mmmmm, rick!
Let me tell you about Rick.....
Rick and I met on April 2, 2005 through AdultFriendFinder. I went to his house and we had awesome sex for the first time. We began to date somewhat and I literally fell in love with him and his kids! In June, we took all our kids to Great Wolf Lodge in Sandusky for the weekend. Near the end of June, he says he wants to be "just friends". I was reluctantly cool with that as I was in love with him. Then, in July, he tells me he realized he is still in love with a former girlfriend and wants to pursue a relationship with her. I was devastated! But, life goes on. We have talked off and on since July. About a month ago, we began talking again more frequently. He confessed that the last time he had sex was with me. His new "girlfriend" won't give him any. No being the good friend that I am, I cannot see him go without! hehehe
So, he is dating another woman and I have become his "fuck buddy". We get together about once a week. Thursday night he came over for a little beer and fun! I am still in love with him but cannot tell him this as he will feel bad about hurting me and cut me off! I can live with life the way it is now. I hope his girlfriend holds out on him forever! hehehe

"If I always do what I always did then I will always get what I always got...."

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