Jane and Dick on vacation  

rm_needledick48 62M
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7/30/2006 10:40 am
Jane and Dick on vacation

They’re a loving lustful couple embarking on a six plus hour road trip for an all inclusive 7 day resort vacation. After having breakfast at a roadside vintage diner and reaching open highway, and viewing/listening the resort brochure, the conversation took on a lusty direction when Dick scanned the mirrors and noticed Jane’s pink pastel button down sundress was unbuttoned to where he lewdly commented on viewing and yearning to plow his tongue through her enchanted forest of desire to where she replied that over the next 7 days she will, as she reached up the leg of his shorts grasping his engorged member, mentally and physically drive him crazy. Cruising down the highway her hand stroking his ridged staff exposed to the cooling air conditioning she reaches into her purse and pulls out a vibrating black 12 inch dildo and proceeds to perform the most sensual oral performance that would make most fellows explode instantly, but she could sense the upcoming event and gave a tight preventive squeeze and when he calmed down and able to drive properly she moved her hand to manipulate her button of ecstasy and penetrating the tunnel of love, a beautiful lady enjoying a black dong and masturbating in the front seat inches away and unable to join in……yep, crazy. After entertaining a few their fellow road warriors with Jane’s oral talents her love soaked hand grabbed and squeezed dick’s engorged member as she plunged the massive dong in long slow strokes into his object of desire, he then reached over and began to stroke and pinch at her love button and just when things were about to explode she ends the escapades stating “No one CUMS until tonight” and the trip with a still unbuttoned dress, returns to comments on the scenery and upcumming delights. Check in at the resort was uneventful though a breeze would have made things interesting, after settling in to the spacious fourth floor suite, Jane went to the balcony to enjoy the view while Dick prepared cocktails waiting to hear the telltail signs that the breeze made things interesting, upon setting on the railing the refreshments from behind he started to massage her hips and gently kissing her neck and ears his hands moving to the opening to the enchanted forest for some button play when the celebration of clapping and whistling was heard from below she began to sing Tonight, Tonight, they waved to the audience and left the balcony to order room service. After dinner they went to the balcony for some naked star gazing though his eyes was on her moonlit nakedness and it caused his to go to her chaise and starting with a long passionate tongue dancing kiss, to nibbling and kissing her nipples to a taught hardness, to having her hips gyrating and thrusting as he licked and nibbled at her hardening clit and licking and probing her anus which made her shudder in delight where she then takes one of his nipple twisting hands to her mouth licking and sucking his three longest digits and directed then to replace his tongue that was at her backdoor portal at which she let out a lustful cry and showered his face with her heavenly nectar. After guiding him to the bed by the short arm and handed him the dildo she began to perform her oral expertise as he played with the toy, thusting the giant dong first in her front door then her backdoor which had her licking biting and sucking his big hard cock anticipating then receiving his thunderous load where not one drop escaped and in wanting more when he pulled the dong from her ass she also licked that clean.

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