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8/13/2006 2:44 am

Dick drowsily awoke to the sensation of his shaft in Jane’s sleepy lip lock as her tongue slaps and penetrates it’s head, as he opened his eyes to the Goddess before him he began stroking her long soft brown hair and with one finger lightly tracing the features of her profile as his other hand does the same down her back to an ample rump where he massaged her sphincter with the nectar of the enema he had administered the night before, as things began to rise, hips starting to gyrate and feeling her silent moans a clap of thunder fully opened their eyes to a new day. After getting the coffee going Jane shared a chaise on the balcony with Dick to discuss the days events and to catch and be caught in the brief moment a ray of sunshine focused on their nakedness then devoured by the clouds as droplets alit their toes. After participating in her ritual of tasty goodness, and a couple of cups of irish coffee from southern Ireland they took in some cuddle time in a bubbling, sensually scented spa before ordering breakfast. In the living room eating their meal and deciding from the previews which in house movies to watch on a slow going rainy day. Two and a half pots of coffee later a bet over some TV trivia on who, while naked, will set out the dirty dishes, but with one hitch, that if caught there’s no retreat until the startled party completely passes the doorway and if they should stop to converse?. Well of course Dick loss the bet and when he lifted the tray of dishes he ask Jane to open the door, when she notices his budding erection and before opening the door she drops to her knees and proceeds to complete the Dick construction to full erection with a noticeable cornerstone hickie behind the helmet she then opened the door, once setting the tray down he started pushing his luck by grasping and stroking his rock hard shaft with a rhythmic beckoning for Jane to join him in the walkway, she thusly grabbed his hardness and yanked him into the door. Surfing the XM some booty bumping tunes caused them to engage in some groping and poking splash/dirty dancing on the balcony, while licking his nectar soaked fingers she lead him by the short arm in to prepare cocktails. When the music tempo changed Jane suggested and went to cue up an afternoon movie. Her choice though not previewed earlier was appropriate, curled up on the sofa her head nestled in his shoulder her hands squeezed and stroked his ridged pole and fondling it’s sack of jewels as he responded to her queries of her far superior vision and talents of eroticism over that being portrayed before them as he traced his finger up and down her body from ear to cheek, and she would acknowledge the flattery with tilting her head to kiss and nibble at his nipple or lick and suck his fingers when they came close. As the candle light started dominating the room and changing the background of bad jazz and dubbed moans to preset new age, the petting heated up when the movie portrayed the naughty housewife caught by hubby who prepared her for the anal gangbang he orchestrated with four passing willing strangers, with wide eye enthusiasms Jane spit, licked and guided his hand to her pulsating bung hole and when the guys on the screen got busy that’s when Jane mounted buns up on the coffee table gazing at the screen pleading Dick to pound and cum in her round bottom in which with hedonistic abandon he complied, pulling her nipples like reins, he drove hard up the highway and up the canal as she begged for his nectar , withdrawing from her gaping tunnel which was replaced by her probing fingers he thrust his member deep into her throat to release his flooding wad, choking on his jizz she refuse to give up the prize, after unloading and an artful tongue lashing, he went back to cruising the highway enjoying the vibration of backpressure of each deep thrust as she lick the droplets of their love from the table top, as he reached under to pull the man from the boat she cut lose a flood that made the slapping of his sack against her labia the loudest sound in the room he to then exploded deep within her, then the sounds of their lust really became obscene. As Dick’s motion slowed to a withdraw and Jane lets a sigh of disappointment as she rolls in the fluids covering the table. Helping her from the table and leading her to the balcony to be bathed by loving hands and mountain rain water, as the downpour cleanses their bodies his hand brushes over her , with a moan and a shutter, hot spot, a real live wire.

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