Squirting 101  

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8/28/2006 12:27 am

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Squirting 101

Until a year ago I have never encountered a woman that squirted. I found it very erotic and sensual. We had to put a towel underneath us. She would soak in all the way through.

I have been doing some research on this oddity. I enjoy researching the different sides of sexual acts. Knowledge is power.

I downloaded a video clip from the Internet with this subject matter. The man in it was knowledgeable and clear as to what to do. Some women squirt with penis or finger stimulation. Some with both.

You use your middle and ring finger together, curling them both back towards the palm of your hand. While doing this, place a slight upward pressure on the roof of the vagina. Making sure the palm of your hand is pressed firmly against the outside of the pussy. Results are better if you are on the side instead of directly in front.

He had five women that had never squirted before. Five men that had never done this before. One woman squirted damn near eight feet. Every woman was able to squirt using this technique. The last woman was having difficulty until the teacher stepped in. He made her squirt in twenty seconds.

When the women did squirt they would tense up and would have what looked like small convulsions. The orgasms where so intense.

I intend to do more research on this. I would like to be able to give this to a woman. Now I know why field studies are looked forward to. Now all I need to do is find a woman to try to perfect this with.

Has any one ever experienced this form of female ejaculation?

NSAAddict 42F

9/10/2006 7:26 pm

OMG Need, a while back my FWB watched the same video you did and after um some research... yeah, definitely a proven theory now Most intense orgasm I've ever had. Congrats on knowing the secret, those lucky women!

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