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Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2004 12:59:53 -0800
From: Jan 0 <AdultFriendFinder>
Subject: Oma (Incest, f/F, f/FF)

This story is a work of fiction and contains descriptions of
explicit sexual acts of incest between a girl and her
grandmother. If this type of content offends you or you are
under the age of 18 do not read it.

Author's Note:
This story is the property of the author. It can be downloaded
for personal reading pleasure or sending to a friend, but if you
wish to re-post them at your own site, please contact the author
for permission.
Copyright 2004 Jan, All Rights Reserved.
Please mail to AdultFriendFinder if you have
suggestions for future stories.


The most important person in Thelma's life was her
Oma. (Oma is the Dutch word for grandma). She was like
another mother to her. Only Oma never got mad at her when
she did something like brake one of her ceramic figurines. She
would simply say something like "That's OK. Now I have
room to buy a new one."
She loved to be at Oma's home because she always had
time to talk to her. She was a small little woman with silver
hair. She would tell her stories about her life while cooking.
Oma's home always smelled of something cooking. She
would get up early to start stewing the soup stock. The house
was filled with the odor of fresh baked breads and the most
delicious pies in the world.
While they waited for the pies to bake Oma told her all
about how she had only been 15 when Opa (grandpa) married
her. He was 30 at the time. He had been just a boy when
World War Two had the Netherlands Occupied by the Germans
and Liberated by the Americans. He grew up on a dairy farm
and married Oma in 1961. They came to the United States
because a distant relative had told them that there was an
opportunity for a good living in Wisconsin. Their first two
children had been born while they were still in the Netherlands.
When they arrived Opa worked hard to buy his own dairy
where their next three children were born. The five children
grew up helping feed and milk the cows. One by one, four of
the children grew up and moved to big cities to make their
living. Thelma's father had been the only one that had an
interest in keeping the dairy. So when Opa died his son kept the
farm and his Oma moved into town. She bought a small home
not far from the school where all the farm children attended.
That made it great for Thelma because she could stay in town
with her until she had to go home.
Thelma had been born with platinum blonde hair that was
kept in a pageboy cut. As she grew up she always wanted to
have longer hair and look like models she saw in fashion
magazines. By the time she was thirteen her hair had darkened
to a natural blonde. She had been an average rather naïve child.
Farm girls don't have a lot of close neighbor children to play
with. School was a social event for her. What little sexual
experimentation had taken place occurred when she was
younger with cousins and school friends! She had played,
"You show me yours and I will show you mine with them."
Getting caught a couple of times was enough to discourage her
from doing that anymore.
It was a nice warm day and Thelma had decided to ride
her bicycle to town to visit Oma. It was a summer day when
she normally had to help around the farm. After the cows were
milked it was normally her job to pasteurize the milk and start
separating the whey in preparation for making cheese and
butter. Her father just felt she should get away for a day to
herself and had released her from her chores.
When she arrived at Oma's house she found the door
locked. That was not normal. She did not worry about it
because she figured she was visiting someone. She knew where
Oma kept the spare key. All she had to do is stand on the porch
hand rail and feel around on the support for the rafters to
retrieve the key.
She entered the house and was greeted by the smell of
soup simmering in the kitchen. She new her Oma would not
leave anything on the stove so either she had forgotten or she
must be someplace close-by.
She went to the kitchen to get a cold drink of water and
check the pot. After seeing the water in the pot was safe she
got a glass of water from the fridge.
Then she heard a noise coming from the direction of
Oma's bedroom. When she reached her bedroom she opened it
and peeked in thinking Oma may not be feeling well. What she
saw shocked the youngster right to her roots.
On the bed was one of Oma's friends. It was the woman
who often gave her nasty looks when she was around. Her
name was Mrs. Heather Holland. She was another widow from
the Netherlands. Unlike Oma she was a tall woman with a
figure large enough to pick up a full milk can by herself.
The woman was totally naked and lying spread eagle on
the bed with her eyes closed as she pinched and pulled at her
nipples. Oma was totally naked too. She was on her knees
between the woman's thick thighs with her butt sticking up in
the air. Thelma could clearly see her Oma's pink anus and the
light brown pubic hair dusting her vulva. Oma was lapping at
the cunt of her friend as the woman urged her on. "Suck me
damn you suck me harder. Make me cum again and do it to
me." Thelma recoiled and closed the door before either
woman saw her.
Thelma backed away from the door with her hand held to
her mouth. She went home and all she could think about was
what she had seen. She struggled with the right or wrong of
their actions. Plus she found that the image engraved on her
mind were very erotic. With a picture in her mind of her Oma's
pink slit and the hairy ring around her ass hole Thelma rubbed
her clitty until she had an orgasm.
She had always wondered why Mrs. Holland disliked her
so much. Now she was beginning to understand that it might
have to do with a competition for Oma's affections.
It took Thelma a few days before she had the nerve to
stop by Oma's after school. Oma noticed that she was not as
talkative as normal. She asked her if something was wrong.
Thelma tried to pass it off as just upset about a test she had at
school and she didn't do as well as she felt she should have.
That seemed to satisfy her granny for the time being. It was not
long before Mrs. Holland came for a visit. She was just as
distant to Thelma as she normally was.
Oma always seemed to be a little amused by the
animosity between the two of them. She would even chide
Mrs. Holland for being so childish. In Oma's normal motherly
way she made dinner for the three of them. When Oma went to
the kitchen to take plates away and bring out the next course of
the meal there was a certain amount of tension in the air
between the two of them.
It dragged on until Mrs. Holland had to finally go home.
Oma sat down in her favorite chair while listing to her radio
playing soft instrumental music. Thelma sat on the floor at her
feet to do some homework. Oma picked up a paperback book
and started reading it.
When Thelma finished her homework she put everything
in her book pack and got on her granny's lap like she used to do
when she was a child. She was almost curled up in a fetal
Oma had to stop reading and she laid the book on top of
the radio. Before Oma could stop Thelma she picked it up and
looked at the cover. It had a title on the cover "Incest starts at
home." by Dr. Lyford. There was a photograph on the cover of
an older woman with dark hair kissing a much younger woman
on the mouth. They were both appeared to be naked even
though you could only see their shoulders.
Oma tried to retrieve the book from Thelma but the girl
turned her back to her granny and let the book fall open. It may
not have been the exact page Oma had been reading but it
would probably be close. She read a couple of paragraphs
about a woman making love to her daughter.
She looked back at Oma and asked, "Did you ever do sex
things to my aunts?"
"No baby! I just enjoy reading books about sex."
"That's not true I stopped by a few days ago and saw you
in bed with Mrs. Holland."
Oma froze and her hand started to tremble. "You were
here and saw us?"
"I rode my bike here and used the spare key to open the
door. I saw the two of you in your bed. Why did you do those
things with her Oma? Did she make you do it? "
Oma quietly said, "I never intended for you to find out
about my sexual desires for other women."
Thelma confessed, "I used to play with other girls when I
was younger but I stopped when we got caught by mother one
time and another time by the mother of one of my friends.
They both said it was wrong for two girls to do those things."
"I know! Your mother told me about it. I told her not to
worry about it, all young girls experiment with a variety of sex
before they grow up. I'll bet she did some of it that I never
found out about."
Oma went on to say, "I made love to a lot of girls before
Opa asked me to marry him. I loved him and the things we did
together so I thought I was over the desire for sex with women
until the year one of my old friends came to the United States
for a visit. Her name was Mrs. Henica Peterson?"
Thelma vaguely remembered seeing a woman that was
not a family member in pictures in her granny's album.
Oma went on with her story. "Opa was 60-years old by
then and I was only 45. By that time Opa only wanted sex
about once a month and then it was only a quick poke in the
belly. I was so horny all the time that I was masturbating two
or three times a day. When Henica came for the visit we
renewed our relationship. We had a great time for the period
she was here. I was very disappointed when she went home. I
felt empty having to masturbate in order to relieve my feeling
when she left."
"I was only 50-years old when Opa dies of cancer. Your
father wanted to take care of the farm and I was happy to let
him. Your aunts and uncles had moved away as fast as they
"A small town like this makes it difficult to be a lesbian.
I was left to satisfy myself by hand or with a cucumber. Then
the Holland family moved to town and took over the feed store
we became friends mostly because we spoke the same
"We visited each other all the time. We confided our
feelings with each other and finally Heather admitted that she
enjoyed sex with women more than with men. We started
getting together regularly and soon we were enjoying sex with
each other. The fact that I was a respected widow people never
paid much attention to a couple of old Dutch women chatting
with each other in their own language all the time. Boy would
they have been shocked if they knew what we were saying to
each other."
As Oma was telling Thelma her story Thelma took hold
of her granny's hands and pulled them down to her budding
breasts. As Oma whet on with her story she absentmindedly
found herself squeezing the soft orbs that were no larger than a
half of an orange. When she realized what she was doing she
tried to pull her hands away but Thelma grabbed her wrists and
pilled them back into place.
Oma asked Thelma, "Do you really want to continue
" Yes Oma I do." she said as the girl turned her head and
reached up and placed her right hand on the back of her
granny's neck. She pulled her head down until she could kiss
her on the mouth. Even though Oma was almost 60-years old
and Thelma was only 13-years old she was not that much larger
than her granddaughter.
Oma helped her remove her polo shirt and started pulling
on the buttons of her jeans. When she had the jeans open she
placed her hand inside the waist of her panties. She was kissing
Thelma and working her way down to her granddaughter's
breasts at the same time she was running her fingers through the
sparse pubic hair. Thelma was so warm and aroused Oma
could smell the aroma of her granddaughter's pussy. The
aroma inspired her even more as she continued kissing the
Thelma was attracted to her granny's breasts. They were
a 34-C which was much bigger than her own. She struggled to
get her hand into the top of Oma's bodice and into her bra. The
nipple felt like a soft marble in the palm of her hand.
Oma stood up as Thelma wrapped her legs around Oma's
waist. Then she spun around and sat Thelma on the over-
stuffed chair. She removed the girl's jeans and panties. All
Thelma had on was her tennis shoes and socks after that. Her
grandmother lifted her legs up into the air and placed her knees
right against her ears. Thelma was left curled up with her pink
behind spread open. Oma knelt down and tenderly licked her
granddaughter from asshole to clitoris.
Thelma had never been licked back there and she could
see everything her grandmother was doing to her. She was
experiencing the most thrilling feelings she had ever felt. Oma
used her tongue like it was a cock as she fucked the sweet little
cunt and bathed her virgin ass hole with kisses. Thelma was
sweating by the time she reached her climaxed after which she
was too weak to even try to straighten out her legs.
Oma sat on the edge of the chair between Thelma's legs
and opened the front of her dress. She simply lifted her bra up
over the tops of her breasts. Then she pulled Thelma back
around onto her lap so that she could place one of her nipples
into the girl's mouth. Thelma suckled on the nipple like a baby
until her tongue had rubbed the nub so much that it felt to Oma
like sandpaper racking across the nipple.
Oma struggled to lift her dress up around her waist under
Thelma. She had to work even harder to get her panties down
with Thelma still sitting on her lap. She had to bicycle her legs
to get the panties over her shoes. When her panties were on the
floor she spread her legs wide and reached over Thelma's body
to rub her pubic hair with the palm of her hand as if she were
drying her pussy.
Thelma could smell her grandmother's horny cunt. She
turned her body around so that she could slide down between
Oma's lags. When she was kneeling in front of Oma she placed
her face on the soft pubic hair. She found it very exciting to
part her granny's bush with her tongue. Oma was crooning her
encouragement as her granddaughter discovered her clitoris and
whipped it around with her tongue. "Yes baby right there. Oh
my sweet darling lick it. Lick your Oma." Thelma was so
carried away that she was raking her tongue over her bottom
teeth so hard she actually cut the ligament that attached to the
bottom of her tongue. When Oma climaxed Thelma could feel
the juice gush and then leaked out of her grandmother's pussy
and she lapped it up like a greedy puppy lapping milk out of a
Thelma hated to get dressed and go home but she knew
she could not stay overnight without permission in advance.
She promised that she would get permission to spend the night
with her before the weekend.
When Friday finally arrived she went straight from
school to granny's home. The smell of baking greeted her
when she opened the door. She rushed straight to the kitchen to
hug and kiss Oma. The two of them could not get out of their
clothes fast enough. They went right to the bedroom and made
love. Thelma felt so comfortable in the warm bed with her
Oma lying next to her. They only stopped long enough to eat
something before going back to bed to make love again before
they fell asleep for the night.
Thelma hardly noticed when Oma got up to pee before
heating the soup stock. The house was filled with the smell of
onion, carrot, and celery with beef stock along with fresh
coffee. Hunger was about to drive Thelma into getting up when
the bedroom door opened. Oma came in and sat on the side of
the bed and kissed her. She asked Thelma if she was hungry.
Thelma assured her that she was starved.
"Go pee and come join me for breakfast."
Thelma tossed the covers off and rolled out of bed. Oma
gave her a playful swat on the butt as she passed her. When
Thelma finished peeing and brushing her teeth she headed for
the kitchen. The two of them had eggs, toast and coffee.
Thelma washed the dishes while Oma took a bowl out of the
fridge and placed dough on the counter to rise.
The two of them returned to the bedroom and sucked
each other's pussy again. After they finished Oma let Thelma
rest while she returned to the kitchen long enough to kneed the
dough again and then let it rise again. While she was busy
doing that she heard the front door open. She feared that it
might be family. She didn't want to be caught naked by her son
or daughter-in-law. Before she could cover her nakedness'
Heather came into the kitchen.
"Were you expecting me to drop by for a bite?" with a
Oma blushed but had no words to explain why she was
making bread in the nude.
"While you're in the mood why don't we go to bed right
"We can't right now."
Heather thought for a moment before she figured out that
Oma had someone in her bed. She smiled and teased good-
naturedly "You nasty old bitch! You're cheating on me!"
Oma tried to deny it. Before she could stop Heather the
woman was headed for the bedroom. Oma was hanging onto
her arm but the woman pulled her along like she was a child.
When Heather opened the door she stood there in her tracks.
Thelma was lying on top of the bed asleep as naked as
the day she was born. The matted pubic hair, dried cum and
smell in the room said it all. She looked at her friend standing
there with guilt written all over her face.
She put her arm around her friend and hefted one of her
tits with the other hand. "Well. Well. Well. I would have never
thought it was in you Honey. How long has this been going
Oma could not say anything as she was pulled into the
room. She sat down on the bed next to Heather as Heather
placed her hand on Thelma's breast to wake her up.
Thelma thought it was Oma's hand on her tit as she
opened her eyes. When she saw Heather sitting next to Oma
she tried to pull a sheet over her body. Heather stopped her.
"Don't bother trying to hide yourself from me."
Heather ran a finger between Thelma's legs and felt her
shutter as her tip touched the clit. Heather smelled her finger
and said, "I see, I'm not the only one that loves your
Thelma blushed like a child caught with her hand in the
cookie jar.
Heather stood up and removed her clothes. She just
tossed them on the floor until she was naked. This was the first
time Thelma had ever seen her naked before. She knew that
she was a large woman but seeing her naked made her feel like
a child next to her. Heather was close to six-feet tall. Her hair
was dark brown. Her breasts were so large that Thelma could
only compare them to the utters of their Guernsey milk cows.
The areolas her huge and the nipples were fat rubbery things
that looked as though they were begging to be sucked. Her
tummy was thick and bulged over her vulva a little. The vulva
was covered with dark pubic hair. It was not thick and she
could see the labia protruding past her crack. They looked like
rubbery lips. The youngster couldn't help but wonder what it
would be like to push her face between them.
She came towards the bed and pushed Oma down next to
Thelma before she crawled over the two of them. Thelma was
drawn to those massive breasts like a moth towards a flame.
She sucked on them while the two adult women toyed with her
pussy. Thelma was in heaven. She two full days to suck all of
the pussy she wanted. The women took turns sucking her pussy
while the other one fed her either a tit or a pussy.
From that day on Thelma and Heather were the best of
friends. Everyone could not help but notice the change in their

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