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9/11/2005 11:28 am

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Fun weekend

I had an outstanding weekend of fun and sex. Friday night, I heard from a beautiful woman from A.F.F. We decided to go to Menages. She had been one time and I had been several times. Since this was our first get-together, we both agreed to just have fun and if one wanted to get involved with someone else (or others) it would be fine. We started out our evening with a little oral play in the upper room. She said she loved my cock and balls (a huge turn-on for me when a woman says that). She had beautiful, large beasts that I paid a lot of attention to. Later in the evening I had met another woman in one of the rooms. She was riding her husbands cock and asked me to take mine out so she could suck it. I did exactly that and my friend (and another couple she had befriended) watched and enjoyed. After a while, my new woman friend told me to fuck her and the lady I came with winked at me and said she was going to a hotel with the couple. I spent the next hour fucking and sucking this beautiful woman while her husband watched (WOW)!
Saturday I went to TSC with another A.F.F. friend and met several ladies. I had fun in the back room with 4 different ladies (at different times). I didn't get to actually fuck any of them. They told me I was too big for them (not bragging but that's what they said). I said "Oh, well" and kept on with the oral play. One woman eventually wanted me to shoot cum all over her breasts. It was a fantastic orgasm and a rather large load. A great way to spend the weekend (and I still have football to watch today)!!!!! I love being a guy!

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