Sorry it's been a while  

rm_nascardeacon 49M
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3/8/2006 1:36 am
Sorry it's been a while

Been busy on the work trail and out of town for the better part of last month and before and after that with work.
I realize there is the joke about how when you get married that it all changes, but when medical things get in the way... Anyway, just wondering how is it women expect us to be, well faithful when they just want to lay around and not do anything. Like I say in my profile, I'm not unhappy in marriage - quite the contrary, but HAVE MERCY. I'm horny and want to fuck like Peter North in a porn movie, but she is clueless to what I'm getting at. She just looks at you like, 'I'll try to do something about it.'
Go figure.
Swinging, or discreet playing could be a thing, but without somebody putting 1-and-1 together??? LOL. Maybe this is how blonde jokes got started. Sorry, my apologies to any smart blondes out there.
Ladies, I know you think all men are dogs, but I took offense to that when I was in school as a kid and still do now.
There are a lot of shits in the world, but there are some like me, that despite being in a loving marriage where the wife is clueless about wanting sex and pleasure fullfillment on a more often than once a month basis, we are not out of love or uninterested in the marriage, but just wanting intimate pleasure.

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