Well someone missed out this afternoon...  

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8/30/2006 2:22 am

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Well someone missed out this afternoon...

Spring is but two days away. What happens in spring? Everyone goes on heat. Shit I had it bad this afternoon. Simply could not concentrate! It's a pity none of the local girls on here talk to me. They could have had such a good time. happyf; Actually... I stand corrected. One now is. It'll be interesting to see if it goes anywhere.

Had a date last week. "Crashed and burned. It wasn't pretty." (Maverick, Topgun - credit where credit is due) But he got his girl in the end, so there is hope! Not that I hold out much. Hit rock bottom on Thursday afternoon when I was questioning whether I'd ever find another woman. Me thinks I was on a hiding to nothing anyway... When she says she is bi and leaning more towards women at the mo I was surprised to even get a look in. Lovely girl though.

Heading out on the town on Saturday night. Look out Palmy! The last time I was out with these two we wandered home singing "No, nay, never, no more." very loudly, and very drunkenly. I do not expect to be in a good state on Sunday. With a bit of luck I'll be able to find a little company, but I need to brush up on my 2am scramble technique a little. Never mind... no time like then to practise!

It was the Boston Legal end of season last night! I'm crushed. It better be back. I was pmsl last night, right from the cat fight at the beginning to the "I need a new glass top for my desk." at the end. Ouch... wouldn't have wanted to be the one underneath.

Right... I've tapped out enough crap this evening. I will leave you in peace. Again... hugs and kisses to the women (unless any would fancy a little more - winks gratefully received and will get a response) and acknowledging grunts to the men (that's about all you're going to get unless you're bringing a hot woman (or two, or three) too...).

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