It's beer o'clock  

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7/27/2006 1:28 am

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It's beer o'clock

... and I'm sitting here waiting for the txt to say it's time to go. The latest it's been is 10pm, but that's cool.

Had a row with the landlady last night. Not her fault. I've got my own place, but it's in a different city. I'm not commuting 175odd miles every day to go to work! Oh... and back again. Anyway... this means living in someone elses house has been a bit of an adjustment. Too old for this crap, so I'm looking for my own place to rent, but there is the obvious financial burden. "I know what you're thinking, and you're right." (Magnum, PI ) Why don't I sell up the other place and buy one here? Well... I'm not buying another house on my own. I wasn't going to do that with the first one, but it was done out of expedience. All is good today. I think we've got what needed to be said said and we can carry on.

I've been told I'm too sweet (that's like calling someone 'nice' - really not sporting) to be on a site like this. Is that possible? Do you need to be a prick to get laid? I really can't see how that can help. I know my profile is crap. But since most people are standard members they can't see it anyway. I don't use a standard opening message - that's cheating, so that's my one shot to get it right. What gets put depends on the persons profile. They're still my words. Maybe it's true. Maybe I should be an arsehole to everyone. But I won't be. It's just not me.

What else.... there are things I think about during the day that I think I should scribble out for anyone who is interested, but I keep forgetting. Maybe I'll add some more later.

Have a good day/evening/morning or night depending on where you all are.

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