Remembering youth.....  

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7/8/2006 12:41 am

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Remembering youth.....

Ok so I went out tonight and was being myself observing the crowd and the interactions. At this stage in my live I am normally reserved and don't go out to pick up but I enjoy remembering the things that I have done in my younger years and seeing those young and clueless 20 something men try to pickup women.

I once was a pick up artist, I was never a hot boy but was always the cute marring type. That is the kind that women never expect to be so much fun in the sack.

I had a couple of good friends that could never believe how I went home with a woman every weekend. It was so easy. I liked to go to the 2-steppin bars back in those days. I would start by drinking a couple of beers and then find the hottest girl with the least amount of clothes and talk her into dancing with me. After that every other woman would be in a competition with the hot chick I just danced with.

Next I would find a group of women..... If I was really lucky a bachlorette party and I would go make conversation with them until I had a bead on one who was single and horney. I would always hope that was not the token ugly girl or the hottest one. The ugly friend well that is self explanatory but I also did not want the hottest girl either. Hot girls get sex more often and are rarely hard up.

Ok so I found the prefect girl, then on to dancing and drinking until we can't stand. The dancing gets closer and closer until she is feeling my fat cock against her stomach. I am tall so that is where most girls feel it when we are standing. Normally this gets them a little hot and wet.

I then ask the girl to make the separation....time to go eat I then feel her up all the way to the car. We make out in the car until she just can't take any more and then off to the apartment.

It was amazing to me that most of the women had never been given an orgasm by a man. I had one girl who got this special treatment give me booty calls for years. She told me no man had ever been able to make her cum. Years later I ran into her at the mall. I was there alone and she was there with her 2 year old. After a few minutes of conversation she said that she had married an old fraternity brother of mine. She said she was still trying to get him trained and did I have a cell phone for when he did not do the job......oooooohhhhhhh the memories

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