Sexual Mix!!! #1  

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1/9/2006 2:35 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Sexual Mix!!! #1

Tonight I start by blindfolding you I want you to anticipate my every touch while you don't know what I am gonna touch or kiss first. After I put the blind fold on you and I give you a sweet kiss letting my breast rub against your chest, you feel my hard nipples against you as I give you the sweetest most passionate kiss. I grab a few candles and light them then I stand besides the bed and caress your body traveling from your head to your toes. I teasingly play with every part of your body as I touch you I can see you start to breathe deeply I come close to you and whisper in your ear and ask if you are ready for more and you don't hesitate to say yes baby give me more I grab a piece of ice and softly blow on your body not yet letting the ice touch your skin you can just feel the cool air coming from between my lips when I blow softly on your man hood you moan and that lets me know that your enjoying me. I kiss it gently but I don't take in my mouth just yet I continue to low your whole body, your legs all the way to your feet. I now take another piece of ice and gently suck your toes IM caressing yourlegs as I suck your toes I slowly move up letting the ice travel with me against your warm skin. I feel you quiver and lightly shake as the cold ice moves about your body as I get closer to your dick I take another piece of ice and rub it on my nipples making them extra hard and nice and cold. I come up and rub my cold nipple against your lips you softly nibble on it bringing it back to room temperature. I slide down on you and slide your already throbbing dick in my mouth. I enjoy tasting your dick and feeling you in my mouth I go up and down slowly to start and gradually going faster and faster feeling your dick deep in my throat. I come up and take you blindfold off and tell you to sit back and watch me. I stand in front of you and take your hand and travel against my soft skin. You start with me from my neck caressing my body with me from my neck to my breast then my nipples down my side around to my ass pulling me closer to you so close that I can feel you breathe against my skin I grab a chair and sit it at the foot of the bed I come around to the front of you and give you another kiss. I then lay back on the bed spread my legs around you and grab your hand again and let you touch my wet pussy. I grab a candle and give it to you and tell you to pour the wax where ever I pointed. I point at my breast and you pour the wax there, I moan and then I point to the next breast and you pour it there I gently grab the sheets and then point to my right thigh and you pour it there then the left and you pour it there. I spread my legs and let you touch me again so that you can feel how wet I have gotten. I tell you to take a piece of ice and rub it on my pussy lips then on my clit and then I point to my pussy and you pour the wax on my wet pussy when you do I bite my lip to keep from screaming I then let out a long sweet moan and you grab me and start kissing my body. I beg for you to slide your hard dick inside me and you come up over me putting my legs on your shoulder and then you rub the head of your dick against my now throbbing wet pussy I want to feel you deep inside me, but you playfully tease me rubbing it against my pussy slowly pushing the head in then taking it out. I cry out for you to give it to me and you slide your dick all the way in and then you come down and give me a kiss not moving a bit while your dick is inside me I grab your arms, you start to thrust your hips back and forth I moan as you move in and out slow then fast rubbing my thighs and kissing them. You go in and out faster and faster rubbing my breast IM rolling my hips under you as you move in and out IM grabbing your shoulders rubbing your chest and kissing your neck nibbling softly on your ear. I try hard not to scratch your back as you thrust harder and harder in my pussy. I rub my breast as I start to quiver and shake beneath you, you feel my juices start flowing as I moan out baby IM cummin and grab the sheets you go in deeper and deeper, harder and harder, grabbing my legs as you moan out baby here it comes as you start to come I come up and grab your dick and stroke it jerking you and taking all your sweet load you moan louder saying yes baby as I stroke and suck you until your dry.

hrdashell35 46M
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1/9/2006 1:43 pm

DAMN! You know how to make a man day, at first my day was going kind of bad but now, what can I say my day is fully brighten now. what a story. can you fulfilled your story or is it just a story.


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