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5/17/2005 1:17 am

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I think about you guys on here all the time....and no not just about getting in your britches ..well maybe 30% of the time...But for real now...Just wondering whats kinds of lives you might have....Like what kind of place you might live in .
We know the GOTD is from Venus... I wonder does she just live in a regular house among us?
Then Papy ..lives in Greece ..imagine how wonderful that is...I imagine her in a big home on a cliff overlooking the ocean.
And EE407 in the Netherlands..another place I have no idea about ..a home in meadow filled with tulips.???
Jerosd..Amsterdam,I see him in a nice downtown condo..being with the in crowd...cause he is hip.
Expatbrit49 in Canada, the removed brit,I picture you in an elegant country home with the basset hounds, few horses, a pipe and all.
Me ..Mzhunyhole..yep ,thats my ole Kentucky home in that pic....All mine..7 rooms ..2 baths..jacuzzi..treehouse ...trampoline..swingset...7 tvs..3 computers...3 cat..1 dog..pool...jeep.
What kind of a place do you guys live in over there in your fantasy worlds that we might never see?..Give us a little taste...Come on guys ..tell me about where you live... how you live ?......house...trailer..still at home?

When someone comes along,gonna give ya some love and affection,I say..Get it while ya can.

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5/17/2005 2:28 am

My Home

I live in a small room, about 20x15 (nice for an office) with lite gray walls and a florescent light. The walls have framed accomplishments that I believe describe me. There is also a large desk, very large file cabinet, bookshelf, and a 5-in-1 printer alongside my computer. I have a place I keep personal items (many would call home), but this is my home. I spend most of my time here. Work-a-holic and drunkened by it currently.

now u know

wyvernrose 38F
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5/17/2005 3:09 am

rented house shoddy concrete thing with 3 bedrooms one bath ...But Huny dear I would give anything to have your house I am drooling! literally

although we already have the trampoline, swingset, used to have a Jumping castle but boney and I couldn't resist anymore and accidently intentionally fell on it with a BIG KNIFE one day with a small yard they are a pain in the BUTT big time... now have a plastic cubby

Have a Van and a hatch,


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5/17/2005 3:40 am

I live in the hearts & souls of all you women out there, the artist struggling with his art & his burning passion, intertwining like lovers on a hot summer night with a soft cool breeze of anticipation tittalating the fires passion that burn within.

papyrina 51F
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5/17/2005 5:22 am

a two bedroomed second floor apartment,wooden floors,rugs everywhere,its an ak place but my delight is the roof,i've turned it into a garden with tress and flowers,roses and jasmine for lovely smells and best of all it over looks the sea and the mythically home of the Greek Gods,Mount Olympus across the bay

I'm a

i'm here to stay

mi_mwpm 51M

5/17/2005 6:07 am

Just a typical 3-bdrm, 1400 sq ft brick ranch in the western 'burbs of Detroit. Nothing fancy, too small - can't convince the wife it's time to move yet; the neighbors are just too nice - no garage (Argh!), but a full basement. Lots of wildlife since we're near a 25 mile long river park... at least until it wanders into the yard... the dogs don't like trespassers.

Gunslinger1954 62M

5/20/2005 8:30 am

Cool looking place, Mzzzzy. Been to your State and loved it.

I live on a family owned ranch - 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 living rooms and big office. Looking out my window at all my buddies (the birds) fighting over breakfast. Past them and my gardens are little Asain folks in round pointy hats squating, picking strawberries. My faithful jack russel is sleeping at my feet but will come alive instantly if any of those boogies that she knows are out there threaten me. We grow peaches, (the best - I'll have to send you some big ones for your favorite pastime) Pomegranites, Tomatoes, Walnuts, Herbs - all kinds of produce. It's very lush and green this time of year.

I grew up here and am still here. Spent all my time as a kid down at the creek that runs through the property. There's some stories on sexyfit's blog about the creek. Love this time of year as the heat of summer hasn't decended upon us yet.

Oh, yea - It's in northern California - God's country. Most folks think of palm trees and beaches when thinking about California. We have it all in the north - volcanos, mountains, rivers, desert, rain forest, the Sierras AND palm trees and beaches.

Great place for a mountain man to do his thing.

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12/9/2008 11:56 am

Hi Ms Mzzzzzzy ! Just started to check out your blog and find it absolutely intriguing. Live in Texas here, at least most of the time, and love to make love or sometimes just sit and enjoy the female company at the time where ever I'm at. I do spend lots of time in Edinburgh as well as Belfast so I lay my head down all over and call it home. Well, gotta run... Catch you later for sure...look forward to more great blog....MPH

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