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4/6/2006 2:26 pm

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I'd like to tell ya all about a friend of mine.Everyone has someone like this in their town.I ain't gonna tell ya his real name I'll make one up..let's call him Ray.

Ray is one of those rare breeds of people that I consider extraordinary.Ray is as "out there"as ya can get without being out of reach.But ya know what?Anyone who meets him,is better off for it.

Ray is one of those guys ya see in the movies all the time,but hardly in real life.You'd think society could handle that.What I've learned in my time with Ray is that society has no choice.There's no frigging law against laughing too loud or talking and saying hi to every living soul ya meet.But some people can't handle Ray and those that can,feed off his energy.

Here's ya an example..Last week I was walking around the park..he honks the horn about 50 times at me,hooting and a hollaring,waving like crazy.I wave back..he pulls his car almost on the damn sidewalk and jumps out..has that big goofy grin on his face that makes ya wanna smile right back..

"Hey stranger,ya ain't called..ya ain't emailed me in like 5"He has thats big ugly assed dog with him,it jumps right up on me and licks me right in the mouth.Ray's car is sticking out in the traffic and cars are honking everywhere...But Ray is still just smiling and talking,not a worry in the world..just so happy to see me.

So he starts to his car happily waving to all the people honking..lots of "hi,how are ya's,have a real good day"..chasing his ugly dog around the car like its a game,trying to get him back in the car.Ray just smiling like theres not a care in the world..yep thats Ray.

And..heres another lil story I'll share..Ray has money,but ya would never know it.He drives this Gawd awful beat up Camero.I don't know nothing about cars,but one door is primered and one is blue and the rest of the car is black.Its rusting at the seams.And he has this giant smiley face painted on the blue door.He loves his car.

So,one day he begs me to go fishing.I'm up for it.After awhile,the car begins to make this gosh awful noise,smoke begins to come out of the vents.So what does Ray do?He just turns up the music and cranks open the windows!!

Well..about a mile later,the smoke turns into lil spitting flames..
"Okay"Ray says.."we may have to stop."
He raises the hood,takes off his shirt and whacks the flames with this little amused look on his face.Having conquered the fire,he draws a deep breath and does a mock baby pout.
Then he becomes himself again.."Oh well,easy come,easy go!..Lets go fishing..plenty of day left and a good friend to do it with."And with that he stuck his thumb out.By the time I got my stuff together,we had a ride.He had a great approach for getting one..he stood in the middle of the road.It was very effective.

There are many other stories I could tell ya.Ray is a full time cartoon living in a black and white world.I love having him for my friend and not ashamed to say,though others might.

Ya can find him about everyday playing basketball with the younger kids after school..the ones whose mom and dads work real late.Ya can find him hanging at the local grocery store where his sister works saying hi to every living soul that walks in there,a kind word for everybody.Ya can catch him lots of times parked the wrong way in the street talking to somebody with that ugly assed dog.Last thing I heard..Ray had run into a burning house and rescued a mama and a babies..he left the scene..they had to find out from passerbys it was him.He ain't one to brag.

I ain't saying he's superhuman or nothing..I'm just saying he lives the way most of us would want to if we could..

I read these lines somewhere,they ain't mine..

Our worst fear is not that we are inadequate,our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.It is our light,not our darkness that most frightens us.We ask ourselves"Who am I to be brilliant,gorgeous,talented and fabulous?"

There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you.Its just not in some of us,its in everyone..and as we let our own light shine,we give other people permission to do the same.As we let loose our own fears,that helps others.


Let your sunshine in
Face it with a grin
Open up your heart
And let the sunshine in...

This is my entry in the Writers Challenge..over at Caress's Blog[post290740]..I hope ya all enjoyed it..Be sure and check out everyones entry..OK?....And ya all are letting the sunshine in..ain't ya??Spread that stuff around will ya??{=}

When someone comes along,gonna give ya some love and affection,I say..Get it while ya can.

GoddessOfTheDawn 105F
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4/6/2006 3:18 pm

~ smilez ~

gud luck....

libgemOH 56M/52F

4/6/2006 3:28 pm

Huny, that was WONDERFUL!!! Brought a BIG SMILE to my face!! -B

SpaceRangerNJ 55M
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4/6/2006 3:45 pm

You are my sunshine
My only sunshine
You make me happy when skies are grey
You'll never know dear how much I love you
Please don't take my sunshine away.

Just another sunshine song. Alrighty then, those are both from quite a while ago. Who remembers both?

Very nice my dear.

skyking412004 53M
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4/6/2006 4:03 pm

_____You look angelic in that dress. Why haven't you hooked up with Ray? He sounds like agreat guy.

Wordsmith2004 36M
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4/6/2006 4:07 pm

I think I'd love to have a cold brew with this guy!!

Though methinks it might cause the destruction of the Universe or something if a happy hooligan like him and a happy hooligan like me were in the same room....gawwd what wonderful mischief we could get into! lol

Conserve Water and Prevent Global Warming: Shower With A MILF!

JoLeeS 40F

4/6/2006 4:35 pm

Mz... I know a few people like that.... My dad is a lot like that... Everybody knows... most everybody loves em..... I got the nickname at work cuase all I do is smile(even though the job sucks)... So when day this guy I work with came by my desk and belted out that song "You are my Sunshine"... I was embarassed and flattered at the same time..... I earned the nickname Sunshine from then i feel this way... If you smile all the time it is infectious and even if people feel like crap they can't help but smile back......

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4/6/2006 4:35 pm

Aweee it's great to have a friend like life to it's fullest...I wanna be "Ray's" friend now dammit!! Nice entry mzhuny...very enlightening! Good Luck hon!! ~sweet~


oldude1946 70M

4/6/2006 4:43 pm

The guy sounds alright to me.

frbnkslady 48F
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4/6/2006 4:51 pm

OMG.. you had in me in tears remembering someone like Ray...He didn't care what others thought, he'd give you the shirt right off his back. His kids were embarrassed by him. I loved him. When I got to know him, he was well up in yrs. He passed away about 8 yrs ago...I still smile when I recall things he did. Henry loved his ugly little ankle bitter and his cats. He loved life. Thank you MZ Hunyz... T


TheRealThing655 48F
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4/6/2006 5:30 pm

Wonderful story...those types of people are few and far between it seems. It's so nice to have people that are positive and friendly, enjoy children, enjoy making others laugh. Not a mean bone in his body. With his attitude, he should live to a ripe old age. As should you...

demonicsexkitten 41F
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4/6/2006 6:44 pm

this is wonderful
i wish i could know ray now!!

good luck on the writing contest i might not be entering after all. was going to write last saturday... forgot i'd planned a date lol. was goign to today... went to meet a new friend for a couple hours, and didn't leave for 8 hours (just friends). time... and i wonder where it goes?

Knot4Everyone 40F

4/6/2006 6:48 pm

MZ: Thanks for sharing the joy of Ray with all of us! Your description was so great that I can totally picture him! Thanks!!!

SpaceRanger: I remember both mz's sunshine song and yours! Here's my sunny song contribution:

Grab your coat and get your hat
Leave your worries on the doorstep
Just direct your feet
To the sunny side of the street!


4/6/2006 8:06 pm

cool story nice one again take care,tim.

imLadyBambi 58M/50F

4/6/2006 8:09 pm

What a magnificent entry!

LadytoPleaseYou 64F
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4/6/2006 8:19 pm

There ain't nothin' wrong with Ray. But I think the rest of us may need to be a little worried bout ourselves.

PENIS CHARMING....where are you?

rm_smosmof2 67M
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4/6/2006 9:54 pm

Note of dissent:

great story, but I certainly get the impression that, nice as he is, Ray isn't quite.....all there.

Where would a person like that get money?

RoyalPurpleRose 51F

4/6/2006 10:03 pm

Ray sounds like a truly wonderful friend and person. One of the people that never meets a stranger? I love them.

~Kisses, RPR

greyfox1012 74M
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4/6/2006 10:13 pm

I was never priviledged to know a "Ray" in my hometown, but we had Smiley. He kept his chidlike joy of life until he passed in his 60's.
Everybody knew and loved him. He spent his days sitting or walking on main street, waving and smiling at every passerby. He was blessed or cursed, depending on who you asked, with the mind of a 4-5 yr old for his entire life. I am almost ashamed to admit that I never knew his name until I read his obituary, but I can't tell you how many times Smiley pulled me from the doldroms of self-absorbtion into the sunshine of his light hearted world.

Speaking of sunshine, Huny Bunny, yours shines brightly through to light up my life every time I get on here. Being a relative new comer, I also have a wealth of your archived posts to enjoy, too.

Thanks bunches.


rm_hippy6663 65M

4/6/2006 10:16 pm

I've got a few Friends like Ray a lot of people think they're obnoxious but I get a kick out of them.Where most people avoid these types I look them up just cause I like em. I'll bring them to my house just to Freak out my neighbor more than just having me around.

Kaliedascope61 41M
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4/6/2006 10:41 pm

can't beat good ole ray!

TTigerAtty 62M

4/7/2006 6:36 am

That's a great story! We should all try to be more like Ray! Good luck in Caress' writing contest, hon!

trish778 43F

4/7/2006 7:02 am

Good luck, MZhuny!

I enjoyed reading this. Very positive. Thanks for sharing.

rm_imtheone42 74M
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4/7/2006 7:54 am

Beautifully written. I feel like Ray is someone I know very well.

rm_goddess1946 105F
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4/7/2006 10:40 am

I had a friend like Ray and I loved him. He died at the age of 41 just 3 short years ago. There were alot of people who didn't understand him when he was alive and they tell me, to this day, how much they miss him since he died. He touched more lives the last 2 years that he was alive than most people will ever dream about and I believe that he is still alive in many of their hearts even though alot of them would not admit it....

I still miss him...a lot.

Good luck in the contest, MzHuny...
I just want to say that...
I love reading your blog..every day...and I love you
for exactly who you are...fishin' pole and all.
You are one of the real ones on the planet and that is
a graduation in and of itself. Blog on... {=}

Just a little food for thought.............
If you really want to be happy, nobody can stop you...

mtnscribe 64M

4/7/2006 11:19 am

mzhuny: You write beautifully.....remind me just a bit of Mark Twain....thank you for sharing your talent and your imagination with all of us.

Becca53913 57F
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4/8/2006 3:03 am

ok I need a Ray in my life once in awhile to shake me loose of being so up tight. Guess I will start looking! Good luck with your writing. I write also. blogging is where it is at!

concupiscentKid 40M

5/31/2006 2:35 pm

Great story! I really liked the dialect and the conversational feel.
Ray won me over.

andy280000 28M
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6/1/2008 2:50 pm

I don't understand sorry

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