rm_mzhunyhole 65F
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10/6/2005 8:38 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


Heyyy fellow bloggers....

Are you excited about Chicago already?
The edge of the veil has been lifted.... hop over to GoddessOfTheDawn's blog post

Chicago.... here we come....

There you can get a bit of a feel of what the Friday Night will be like....
And if you're still on that fence, who knows you might fall off in the right direction, that of the meet....

If you do so you better be quick.... time is running out!!! ..

And I sure would love to meet everyone of you guys....So..if theres anyway to make it to this to meet the people you have been reading..and they have been reading you too...Now you could comment in person...Come on...Join us!!!


When someone comes along,gonna give ya some love and affection,I say..Get it while ya can.

MsLoveRose 33F  
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10/6/2005 9:19 pm

keeping fingers crossed....this weekend is the deciding factor!!!!

live more, laugh often, love much

starvingnow 48F

10/6/2005 9:26 pm

Dear Mz Hunyhole and fellow bloggers, I need your help:
PLEASE, PLEASE....I need your help

I've decided not to personally finish writing in my blog about my sexual entcounter last Friday.

This fantastic lover GothBrooks71 is an excellent writer and I would like everyone who reads this to send him a note begging him to write the second half.

Thank, Thank you for your time and efforts

Oh and I wish everyone a great time in Chicago...it looks like I've missed out on a lot here in blogland the past few months.

tillerbabe 55F

10/6/2005 11:00 pm

Can't go..."work" beckons....

starvingnow 48F

10/7/2005 4:25 am

Thanks Mz Huny for the rescue

AlbertPrince 57M

10/7/2005 5:29 am

I'm so sad I'm not going to get to meet you

rm_talldarkavg1 105M
10172 posts
10/7/2005 8:29 am

Less than 2 weeks and counting. I am soooo excited!

[blog talldarkavg1]

(Princess Lips)

10/7/2005 10:33 pm

Are you gonna belly dance in that veil ?


beewulf9 38M

10/10/2005 11:18 pm

I look forward to meeting you Huny, you are a dear sweet woman with a great big heart and sensual thoughts. That is my rational in wanting to meet you.

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