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5/18/2005 10:37 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


I am really beginning to think that Blogland is more like the real world than the world out there .Now before you say she has completely lost it just think about it.
We can really be ourselves over here .We can say whatever we think...because over here we are alike ,We dont judge each other.I dont care if you like to take it in the ass while your husband watches. Just as you dont care if I dont ever get a date even if I do think I am Mae West copy cat, wanna be.
This should be the perfect american town that you could live in..where your neighbors dont care ,.They are on your side ...They fact if you dont have a great idea for Friday night ..surely somebody on one of the blogs will be having an orgy or some wicked idea going on.
Our town would never be a boring town it would be hopping for sure ..everyone would be smiling and satisfied,lots of smart people here would be great ....what a hell of an idea ..I really think we are more like ourselves on here each day as we write than we are in the real world .
On here I think the more we keep writing to the same circle of people more and more..the closer we seem to become or mayhaps it just me.But we seem to get to know a side of each other that the out side world is not seeing ..and I dont know about you guys ...But this is the real me..I feel very free on here about you? you feel you can be more open and freer on a blog and whip it out??? got any kind of comment for Mzhunyhole???????????????

When someone comes along,gonna give ya some love and affection,I say..Get it while ya can.


5/19/2005 12:20 am

Yes I agree with you,, there are things I write that nobody else has sen except here ,sameas my pics this is my little excape. Now my sense of humor well everyone knows about that I get into trouble all the time with it. I have found a great bunch of people in our creative boxes , and a great partner in crime keithcancook pig that he is hahahahahaha ,


nightstogether 56M

5/19/2005 12:48 am

It's certainly the real world as we wish other people to see our real world, but that doesn't necessarily mean that, when two people meet, the reality for both is the same. It's also an excellent way to let your true feelings out, without fear of someone contradicting you to your face or making you feel small because of feelings, emotions and experience. Perhaps it is the real inner world we are creating here; a utopia of sorts.

private-intellectual (.de)

Barbiebunny69 43F

5/19/2005 12:52 am

Mzhunny..ure spot on gurlie...
I think we also have the freedom to go outside of our normal bounds and try new things because were not judged if we all could move to the same town...a group utopia?

papyrina 51F
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5/19/2005 12:55 am

i agree were getting to know each other rather nicley and without the judgement,i'm similar in real life,too honest not to be lol,but yes here we tell each other our nitty gritty fantasys and hopes and dreams which can be too much for our real friends and partners

I'm a

i'm here to stay

artistforexploit 60M

5/19/2005 4:01 am

Yes, I am freer here, I don't worry about being shunned if I'm honest about what my desires are, my screen name says it all. I'm sure that we see a side here that normally we don't see out in the real 3D world, and there are some really exciting people here that I've come to know a little better, and hopefully will get to know alot better in time, but why do they all live so far away?

keithcancook 60M
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5/19/2005 4:46 am

I really like this post mzhuny. I think you have expressed what many have felt at times. I wish I could stay in "town" for a bit but I must get to work...

xtremebuilder 57M

5/19/2005 7:48 am

I have to agree with artis. I enjoy reading the blogs and have always liked interacting and meeting new people. I really dislike that there are so few people in my area that are actually willing to meet. I think some of what we see in here are people that are expressing their wishes, fantasies or private thoughts, but do not dare do it in the "real" world for fear of being ostrascized or rejected. I, on the other hand, believe strongly in the "it can't hurt to ask" world.........

mi_mwpm 51M

5/19/2005 10:55 am

This is why we love you Huny. You're our cheerleader, yet, keep us grounded.

Now, if we could just find you a boyfriend to return the favor...

reallycurious52 65M

5/20/2005 5:06 pm

I think you are right that a community of constant enjoyment would be great. just like you see it. nobody cares about what everyone else is doing. and a place where no means no respectfully and yes means hell yes. in fact I want to be mayor of this town. You should really check out fantasy fest at key west florida in october. I think everybody on this sight would like it because the blog is does turn into real life.

rm_ski12005 48M
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5/21/2005 6:45 am

Huny I tend to agree with you that this would be "perfect town", of course just calling each other by our screennames on the street would be a riot and for Keith would depend on the day of the week or time of day if we would have to say hello to the PUBLISHER, or pigs...LOL.

Now my question would be, as real as we are in blogland, would we still be that way in "perfect town"? I'm not implying that anyone is not real, only that as many have said blogland is an escape where we don't have to "pretend". So if we are in "perfect town" dealing with everday life would we be the way we are in the "world" or in "blogland"?

I for one would like to beleive it to be as we are in blogland, reading the TATTLER, watching Keith burn pigs and ranting to EXPAT about Papy's dairy, as yourself, Blondeneedssex, greeneyes and the rest of the ladies judge the tighty whitey contest and ponder the schedule of weekend activities.

sportyfun56 106M

5/21/2005 11:03 pm

huny... huny... huny... lol
you really hit it here babe.. It's funny that it seems like this doesn't it. and btw.. I'll have brunch with you... pass the orange juice please... thanks.

rm_ready3175 41M
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6/2/2005 5:09 am

kiss you

IPman 60M
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6/27/2005 3:15 pm

Hi Hunyhole,

I just followed a link that GreenEyes posted today; I loved what you wrote and wanted to circle back and read your whole post. I bet you never ever see this this because you posted this blog a month ago!

I think in many ways you are right on, we really can be ourselves here, I can gurantee that no one, knows what a sex addict I am, no one knows that I have a couple of lovers-but stay married for the kids etc.

I try to stay real on here, but sometimes, if I have made love with a couple of lovers in a week, I dont write about it, it seems weird to even me when I write it down... So I still hold back some...

I do have to say that the more real and honest I write, the more judged and attitude I get on here. Take a look at my 6-24th blog about my lover making me crazy... a bunch of people, mostly single, had some nasty comments to make about my begavior, about my cheating heart. I guess I deserve it, but I do try to go out of my way, to not judge others...

But back to your main point, the more we write people and really put ourselves out there, the more some people come closer, and the more some go further away... Just like real life... So yes, this is real, I really am who I write about and absolutely no one would believe it who knew me IRL... so here in blogland I am more real than anywhere else.

Great Post!

xtremebuilder 57M

5/21/2006 8:19 am

Mz........Is there syrup in the kitchen??.....jusdt let me know where...I'll get it!!

Catdoc2000 57M

9/12/2007 11:07 pm

It is the perfect world as far as it goes. Your gift has been to make it go further.....

keithcancook 60M
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8/15/2008 9:19 pm

Ah. Those were were interesting days, eh, my little wildflower? How naive we were when BlogLand was young. Why, there hadn't even been any big battles as yet!

This place sure has evolved, and it's been fun to be a part of its growth. BlogLand rocks, and is better than ever with so many folks writing here now. And new ones keep coming in, swelling the ranks, and making it even more reflective of the outside world.

blog on, girlfriend!

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