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6/18/2006 7:44 pm

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I'm going to tell you about a couple of people I know. One I've mentioned before she is the one that gave me the poem. The other is the one that is younger and a little cute.

It's sunday and I have to get some work done and the only way is to get it done when the shop is closed. I don't have keys one of the owners needs to be there to and have to get some work done as well. One of these owners is a woman (we'll call) Diana. She's just turned 41, and she has a petite build. She has dishwater blond hair, styled short permed curls. She has deep brown eyes, and a very attractive face. My favorite part of her body is her fine ass. She has got a fine ass.

Well she has got to get some "work" done too. It's a hot day outside, stifling. I'm working away in the back when I hear a voice over the store intercom, "mylove to my office, mylove to Diana's office please." I'm a little shocked by the voice, she usually comes right back to talk, but her voice seem short and it quivered a little as well. Okay, I thought. I reached her office and she was online looking at some summer wear. She looked up and asked, "What do you think of this one?" "It's cute." I replied. It was cute, a small tight red blouse for a top, and tight blue jeans. My mind raced! Diana would've have looked fine in an outfit like that. Boy! "Are there more?" I asked. "You bet!" she replied with that quiver again. I began to realize that it wasn't anger, but just nervousness. There was a tension in the air that doubled before I arrived. She kept on going thru jpgs and gifs until she found her way to the lingerie. And I started sweatin' up a storm. I had an erection that needed to come out and then I could smell sex from her....

to be continued......

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