legal for "hire" in Mexico  

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7/26/2006 10:43 pm

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legal for "hire" in Mexico

So here's an interesting conversation starter... A friend of ours, whom we have worked with in theatre before, sits down one night after a show, lights up a cigarette, and nonchalantly mentions "You know my wife has a Mexican prostitution license?" I'm sure I wasn't the only one in the room who suddenly had a mental picture of his tall, mid-aged dancer wife dressed as a hooker on a street corner in Tiajuana. But a reasonable explation...

Turns out it is legal to prostitute yourself in Mexico; you just need a license. And poor ignorant American woman vacationing south of the border gets picked up by the cops for smoking outside of a restaurant alone. Didn't know enough Spanish to explain that she wasn't a hooker. So when she doesn't return to their table, hubby gets anxious and finally calls the cops to report her missing. They find someone bilingual at the station and explain to him that his wife is there; she was arrested for prostituting without a license.

Naturally, hubby drove straight to the station and put up a fuss, insisting that his wife was not a hooker and refusing to pay the fine, which equalled approximately 50 US bucks. The alternative? Apply for and purchase a prostitution license, which costs a little more than the equivalent of 2 US dollars. (I think the cops were just fucking with los gringos, to be honest!) So hubby bought his wife a prostitution license and drove her back to their cheap hotel for some fun. Though she still won't admit how much she charged him for the evening.

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1/20/2008 9:24 pm

ha - that's cute

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