Russian Lesbians  

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8/20/2006 9:55 pm

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Russian Lesbians

So the last week I checked out the club down the street out of sheer boredom. Normally I'm not a big fan of clubs as I find them too loud and crowded, but this one had been practically right in my backyard for two years, and I finally broke down and scoped it out.

It wasnt that bad. Of course, I didn't go on a weekend, so it wasn't that crowded. Turns out it was ladies night too, and the majority of the patrons were women. Women drinking, dancing, and laughing together.

One in particular caught my eye. GORGEOUS tall and tan-skinned with long dark curls and a body that dominated the dance floor and drew every eye in the room towards her. One of those women you either have to obsessively love or vehemently hate, but either way you can't get over wanting her or wanting to be her. Or in my case, both.

I watched her for a bit, wondering what my chances were of even talking to her. (All you guys out there, I know now how you feel and I'm soooooo sorry!) But she was hanging out with a group of girls, and I figured at the very least I could go over and introduce myself to her friends, preferably one of the less god-like and therefore more approachable. And after I did so, wouldn't you know SHE then approached ME? Her friend introduced us and "Z" asked in a thick, beautiful Russian accent (you could listen to her read a phone book!) "Dani, why you here alone tonight?"
"My boyfriend worked a 12-hour day, so he was exhausted and went to bed early." I answered honestly. "Z" pouted dramatically at that.
"Ohhhh, you have a boyfriend? No fun! But that's okay... You still dance with me."
It was more of a command than a request, though I certainly didn't argue. And "Z" obviously didn't care that we'd just met or that I had a boyfriend at home. She was hips and hands all over me... god, it was great! For once I let go of some of my inhibitions on the dance floor and just ground. We ended up dancing three times that night, and chatting inbetween. She didn't give me her number, but she told me when she'd be back to dance some more. And of course, I'll be there.

I may have found a new favorite hobby

Passion247000 46F
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8/20/2006 10:08 pm

wow....that's so cool! Lucky you ...keep us posted on your new hobby!!! ... so where is this club? may be i should go and check it out for myself!!!! {{{LOL}}}}}

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