Just the Three of us  

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6/5/2006 12:13 pm

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Just the Three of us

I met them at a quaint little restaurant and sitting across from one another at the table I sipped a glass of wine to ease my nerves.
She notices me stare at her titties almost falling out of her little shirt. Her nipples are hard and the look on her face says that she knows I want to fuck her. I look over at her husband who smiles with excitement at the chemistry between the two of us and he suggests a more comfortable place that we can go and talk. I meet them a few moments later in their room and as I enter a porn is playing, I look at the T.V and feel my pussy begin to drip at the sight of three women kissing, licking and pushing fingers and objects into one another's wet hole.
Her partner excuses himself for a moment and I sit there awkward, unsure of what to do - she eases up to me and begins to whisper all of the nasty things that she is going to do to my body. I moan with anticipation as she then slips her hand into my shirt and pulls out my nipple, massaging it with her finger tips making them hard .. then without taking her eyes off of mine ..moves her tongue to my tit then up to my lips kissing me with passion. She helps me to remove my shirt and then does the same with hers, embracing me so that I could feel her skin and the sensation of titties rubbing together - then slips her hand under my skirt moving my panties over so that she could tease my clit with the tip of her finger ... I am soaking wet and already ready to cum as she slips my skirt off and moves my panties to my knees ... then feel her tongue along the sides of my lips, then my slit, then my ass ... then sucking hard on my clit again ..she moves back up to kiss my lips and I lick my juice off of her mouth while we rub each others tits. I then see her partner reenter the room, full naked and aroused and he begins to stroke his cock at the sight. He moves her from my pussy .. he wants to taste it too and while he does, she licks my tities, then shares my pussy with him and then kisses my mouth some more. I feel his hard cock enter me and lay back arching in screaming delight as she climbs onto my face resting her pussy on my tongue and then bends forward to lick my slit while he fucks my pussy so hard I am about to explode ... he then lays back and I climb on top of his cock, I want to ride this cock and feel it deep inside of me and she climbs onto his face so that we both feel pleasure while rubbing our bodies together and kissing ... he then gets behind me pushing my face into her pussy while he fucks me from behind - they stare into each others eyes watching each other find pleasure in this girl they have invited into their bed and it makes him want her more .. she takes my place and he moves in behind her while she buries her tongue into my hole and licks my pussy with crazed desire as she cums...he pulls his cock out - spraying cum all over the both of us and brings his cock to my mouth to suck it off while and she brings my pussy to exploding orgasm

redriserak 45F

7/8/2006 1:46 pm

Where do I sign up? We could make this happen!!!!!

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5/27/2008 12:01 am

Like I said, You are what we are looking for. Your fantasy mirrors ours. We can deliver. I am that pretty girl you so desire, you deserve me.....and I want you. That little story is just what I whispered in his ear as we fucked last night. Come find us.

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