Fuck Me Daddy!!  

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3/10/2006 7:53 pm

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Fuck Me Daddy!!

Thinking that my Father was not home,I load my pocket vibrator into my purse and sneak over to his house during lunch to peek through his stack of Hustler. I was horny and wet and needed to find a good visual to rub my clit to. I came in the back door and went directly up to his room and there neatly placed under his bed was my treasure find. I began thumbing through the magazines getting wetter and wetter until I found a photo of two lovely, perfect women, one blond with a tan line where she wore a thong and the other a petite, little Asian with small hard nipples licking her pink slit. As I began imagining sliding in between them kissing the Asian while sitting on the face of the other, my pussy started to throb and I pulled out my vibrator resting my back against the headboard of Daddy's bed and closed my eyes as I drifted off into my fantasy. Within moments I felt the sensation of a warm tongue on my pussy and startled - opening my eyes. There was Daddy's girlfriend, between my legs - licking me slowly and looking at my face with devilish eyes - I moved quickly away just as Daddy walked in the room. Seeing my naked body and the open magazine, he quickly scolded me for sneaking into his house and being a perverted, bad girl and reminded me of how hard he spanks and that Lisa always gets what she wants. He ordered me to rest my back against the headboard again and I noticed the bulge in Daddy's pants. Lisa began taking her cloths off seductively as she went back to licking my slit and my Daddy anxiously helped her remove her panties. Once bare, she climbed onto my lap, pulling my head back by my hair and put her breasts into my mouth telling me softly to lick her nipple as she rubbed her pussy across the top of mine. Daddy pulled his big cock out of his pants and began to stroke it, then moved her off of me kneeling her on the floor and placing his cock in her mouth, then bending down to my ear, tells me that my pussy is his - as I watch his face move down my tits and stomach until he gilds his tongue over the lips of my pussy, teasing me gently and then pushing his hard tongue into my hole. He stares at me with his eyes, letting me know that I am not to disobey and licks rapidly not taking his eyes off of me, he twitches my clit with his nose teasing my senses and then sucks on my clit for a moment before they begin to share my pussy with each other, feeling tongue on my ass and my pussy. Daddy keeps ordering me to cum inside of his mouth as he slides his finger into my hole, wiggling it then thrusting two fingers in and out. I am to cum or else he will bend me over and force his cock inside of me until he feels is squeeze all over him. I try to cum, but I am too nervous and shocked by what is happening until finally he grabs my legs and flips me over bringing me onto my hands and knees - Lisa begins to comfort me with wet lips on my back and then my mouth, then slides her pussy in front of me as Daddy pushes my face into her pussy ordering me to make her cum as he roughly slides his hard cock into my sopping wet pussy, grabbing my hips and pounding me - he starts to scold again "Fuck Daddy, cummon baby girl - fuck Daddy, make me cum" so I push back into him as Lisa is moaning that she is cumming on my tongue.I move my tongue up and down softly, gliding over the top of her clit and then move more quickly, I feel her starting to peek and juices are running down my chin until her body starts to convulse and I begin to suck her clit pushing my fingers into her. Her shaking body turns me on, she grabs the back of my head smothering my face into her pussy and then I feel my pussy start to squeeze Daddy's hard cock as I shake and cum starts rolling down my thigh. Daddy is thrusting harder and harder saying "I'm gonna cum in your pussy, - you know how to fuck Daddy, squeeze that tight pussy on my cock" pounding and pounding until I have collapsed onto Lisa. She licks her juice from my mouth as Daddy explodes inside of me. I can feel his cum as it shoots out into my pussy and he takes his cock out rubbing his dripping cum all over my pussy and ass.......

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6/12/2006 6:32 pm

Hello Hottie!!! We think we might be able to help you out with this one! Would you like to be my sister? I never had a sister but I'll bet that I would have wanted to fuck her too!!

Daddysfucknwhore 64M/36F

6/12/2006 6:35 pm

Naughty girl, you and your little sister need to get to your room until I come in there to spank you. GO NOW!I'm Getting my belt!

FlushSirenAlkyd 54M

6/22/2006 12:11 pm

oh my god that's hot!

rm_bidlg69 67M

7/2/2006 1:39 pm

That is one hot story...I could be your Daddy...or maybe me you your daddy and daddy's girl

rm_pearlstory06 52M
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11/30/2006 5:09 am

Hey, this is really hot, when u did this, I mean at what age. You are from which country. pls write for sure.
when u lost ur virginity first.
did ur dad knew abt that and did he ask.

rm_pearlstory06 52M
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12/3/2006 11:37 pm

Hey pls reply my ques pls.

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