Love Me As I Love You  

rm_mustangsjess 47F
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3/25/2006 4:31 pm
Love Me As I Love You

Sometimes you just need to listen to what I say. You are my friend and I know you worry for me. I love you for that, but you need to hear me when I speak. This is my life not yours. I know what it consists of. You just know what you see. What is told to you. What is inside is the reality, it is not a lie or a game.
What you have lived and what I have lived are very different. Your reality is not mine. You cannot dictate to me how I should live and what decisions are to be made.
Have you asked me what I want? Have you considered the things that you don't know about? Do you see my life as mine, and mine alone?
You can offer me advice, but when I say no and state my reasons, accept them. Don't cause me more grief and say you did it in the name of friendship!
Of all the people in the world, you were to accept me and be my support. I was to trust in you. Maybe it was the height of your love for me. Maybe it was the desperation you saw in my eyes. Whatever it was, its my final decision for you to accept. Not for you to try and change me faster than I am willing to change.
As my friend, you must accept me the way I am, unconditionally. Do not make my life harder, just love me. Right now, that's all I ask of you. It is all I need.

Love me as I love you.

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