I Cried The Rain Today  

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3/19/2006 2:31 pm

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I Cried The Rain Today

I cried the rain today when you placed me on a pedestal and professed undying love.
I am your sun and moon, you said, an angel from above.
I move the stars to guide you through the neverending night.
I am the pathway through the dark, the tunnel's only light.
I am the filling for the void, that you hold in your soul.
The water for your thirst and the food that makes you whole.
I am the heat that keeps you warm when you are all alone.
The fire in your body and the road that brings you home.
Don't lose the power
To feel what we do.
Destiny so pure
It is shared with just two.
The journey of souls
That are me and you.
You are the pond, made from the rain, to bathe me.
You are the world that opened when I chose to see.
I follow you through darkness, just to see the day,
Down pathways that are overgrown; you never lose the way.
You are the one that envelops me and takes away the pain.
You nurture heart and mind and soul so that I feel the gain.
You are the half that I have missed for all the years that passed.
The safety and the comfort that has found me, at last.
Don't ever let go
Hold on tight forever,
You are all I have known
Between now and never.
Fate has built love
That noone will sever.

I cried the rain today...because I found you.

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3/19/2006 3:26 pm


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3/19/2006 5:39 pm


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