Muldoon's Fantasy Writing #2  

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Muldoon's Fantasy Writing #2

She slammed the car door and walked from her car, only to be stopped in her tracks. Her coat had caught in the door. Huffing, she fumbled for her keys, unlocked the door while transferring her purse, and untangled herself.

Fine. A greasy smudge mark on her coat now. Well, didn’t that just cap a stressful day? She walked into the lobby of the hotel, and distractedly walked to the elevators. Up to the sixth floor she rode, and exited, looking for the room. What was the number again? She found it and knocked on the door, still unfocused.

The door opened in front of her, and he was there, smiling, always smiling. She liked his presence, it picked her up and made her feel better. He held a glass of wine out to her as he took her coat. Mmmm, that was better. She noticed right away that the room was dim, lit only by the ten candles he had spread around the room. Soft jazz played from a CD player that he had brought. She liked the effort he had obviously taken.

“How was your day?” he asked.

“Terrible,” she said sipping her wine. “If it could go wrong, it did.”

“Maybe I can help, here sit down in this chair,” he said, pointing.

She sat, kicking off her shoes as she did. He stood behind her and began to massage her shoulders. Her head slumped forward and she exhaled contentedly as his fingers worked their magic. Her tension was dissolving as his touch kneaded her shoulders and arms into putty. The music, the candles, the wine, the massage. She sighed happily.

His touch stayed on target, until he felt her relaxing. Then slowly, his fingers would occasionally brush up against her breast, momentarily hovering there, and then gone. In another circumstance, she may have even thought it inadvertent, but in this circumstance, she knew better. She smiled inwardly to herself.

His hands moved to her blouse, still standing behind her and he undid the buttons there, one by one. The last two he accessed after he tugged her blouse free of her slacks. Her blouse hung loose across her shoulders and he pulled it from her as she leaned slightly forward in her chair to allow it to happen. Now his hands continued to massage her, but he became bolder as he gave more and more attention to her breasts. He cupped them, holding them, and kissed her neck. Her eyes were closed and she surrendered to his touch. He had taken her completely away to another place entirely in just a matter of minutes. Amazing. She loved the way he attended to her, so caring, so careful, soft when soft was called for, and firm when the time was right. Her nipples began to perk as she anticipated the attention to come. She was warming to him and what they shared.

He moved in front of her and knelt there as she sat in the chair. Reaching behind her, he undid the bra, fumbling just slightly, which brought another smile to her face. Her bra was off as he kissed her pretty mouth. God, how he loved her kisses, so soft, yet sensual and burning with a desire all at once. Their lips parted as tongues danced and probed.

He left her lips, and traded them for her breasts. He thought her breasts were perfect. Not overly huge or mammoth, but shapely and pert, with sensitive nipples that delighted him as he took one into his mouth. His tongue flipped back and forth across the nipple rapidly and he finished by sucking on it firmly. He was rewarded with a gasp from her lips and he switched to her other breast, treating it in kind.

As he tended to her breasts, she could feel herself becoming moist. She reached down, and undid her pants, unbuttoning them and unzipping them as he played back and forth from one breast to the other. Her hips rose slightly as she tugged panties and pants off all in one smooth motion. Naked, she sat back in the chair, but she leaned her hips ever slightly forward as she did.

He caught her subtle hint, and trailed kisses down her tummy, down over her pubic mound, and finally settling between her legs at her moist lips. He took each of her legs, and positioned them over his shoulders and bent his head to her eager and waiting slit.

He began in earnest, lapping her with long broad strokes of his tongue. He finished by going from a broad tongue to a pointed one, flicking across her clit as he reached the apex of her cavern. “Mmm, yes baby, you do that so good,” she purred under his artful labor. He lapped and flicked, lapped and flicked as her hips pushed impatiently forward. He finally took the swollen nub in his mouth, and gently yet firmly began to suck on her clit. Her breathing was coming in raspy gasps as she approached the early stages of orgasm. He knew her, read her, could feel her desire building, and from experience he knew that she couldn’t last much longer. As he continued, one hand came up to her and began to rim her vagina with an index finger. Her hole was soaking wet, and his finger slipped easily in as the gentle pulling and sucking on her clit continued. Round and round his finger explored her depths as he ran his tongue machine gun fast over her now, bringing her to the edge. “Oh my god! YES! Don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop!” she muttered. It sounded as if it was one word, she repeated her demand in rapid succession. “I’m coming!” she shouted as the orgasm blossomed and the shudders shook her body to the core.

After a moment, he wiped his face from her, and untangled her legs as he stood. He was right in front of her, his stiffness apparent as he strained against his pants. Deftly, she undid his belt, clasp, and zipper. She tugged his underwear down, and without preamble, took his length in her mouth. Her tongue slid up and down the sensitive underside across his member. She bobbed her head up and down on him as she expertly licked and sucked on his throbbing manhood. Now it was his turn to be transformed by her. He was caught in a trance, taken to a place that only she was able to create for him.

She too knew him, and sensed his sack tighten as her work neared it’s natural conclusion. “Oh babe, wait,” he was able to gasp. I don’t want to waste this, I want you so much, and I want you now.” He brought her to her feet and kissed her. She began to finish undressing him, pulling on his shirt as he kicked off his pants. Their lips never abandoned one another in the process.

Naked, and stiff as a pipe, he moved onto the bed. He lay down on his back and pulled her onto him. Still kissing, she positioned herself over him. The bulb of his shaft was poised at her lips. He pushed gently forward, and the bulb disappeared. He loved this part. He removed the head of his cock from her, and reinserted himself. Teasing each other, they were driving each other crazy. With each reinsertion, the shaft went slightly deeper until she perched on him completely as he was buried to the hilt.

Their lips parted from the kiss and she sat upright. His cock in this position hit her just so, and she began to rock back and forth. Her eyes were closed as she concentrated on the feeling. He filled her, and she felt sexy, every bit a woman. His hands reached up and cupped each breast as their tempo began to increase. Neither one would last long like this. They both knew it, and neither one cared. His fingers found her nipples and tweaked them as she began to ride him hard. A long, low moan escaped her lips as she began to pummel herself against his shaft. He dropped his hands to her hips and began to help her, rocking her forcefully back and forth. That, she knew, was a sign that his orgasm was approaching as rapidly as her own. “Oh! Fuck YESSSSS! Come with me baby!” she howled, her hips now a pistoning blur over him.

He pushed even deeper within her and arched his back, holding her hips in place as he came with a force he had never known before. Oceans roared, fireworks exploded, he wanted to laugh and shout and cry out at the same moment. She too was taken. Her orgasm spasmed and shook her, and she fell into his arms. He enfolded her there as their breathing heaved. He kissed her forehead, her cheeks, her lips. Her brow held a trace of salty perspiration which tasted as nectar to him.

She slid off of him, as he withdrew from her. Snuggling against him, her head rested on his shoulder as he draped a leg over her. Drawing her close, he pulled up the sheet to keep out the chill. They needed little else in the way of covers. He kissed her again, this time on the lips. Another passionate, tender kiss. Both of them grateful for the other and what they had brought into each of their lives.

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