more redneck poetry, whadda ya say, cowboys & cowgirls......  

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12/24/2005 10:19 pm

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more redneck poetry, whadda ya say, cowboys & cowgirls......

I am in the mood not to sleep tonight, so Im going to try out some of my more recent poetry on you, my audience. I doubt too much if you'll respond, but maybe you will. I haven't given up on you all yet, and hope you haven't given up on me, despite yeaterday's drunken tirade, for which I've apologized and promised not to have occur on my watch again....sooooooooohere goes....

You came
from one of the oldest
and most respected of
south Texas families,
yet you turned your back
on that, and went out and
found your own way, just
like that maverick, piss-headed
gurilla you used to ride......

Well, what's it gotten you, bucko?
all your living free and wild and strange,
with apologies to noone for nothing
you've said or done in this life?
Right where I want to be, I suppose,
ready for The Spirit in The Sky, and
when I meet him and the Grandfathers,
I"ll shake my pistols and hold my medicine bag
up proudly and tell them
that I lived a good life, and I'd
like to come inside to see
The Holy Circle, and if
they want to kick me out
once I've seen it,
it's within their powers to
do so, but remember,
I'm only what you allowed
me to be, so don't go
blaming me for the way
things turned out
down below.....

Ahoah! All my Relations!!

pretty strange, huh? well i'm in a strange mood tonight....I just suffered the death of a very dear lady, and It will take me a long time to
get her off my mind, out of my sould. NO, we were just old friends, old running buddies, not like that, but yes, i did love her very much and she loved me, too. in fact, she's buried out in
West Texas in a pair of my old wranglers.....and her brother's old UT shirt.....

up for one more???? well, too bad, because I'm not goes nothing........

I doubt
that I'll be going back
to Rockport any time soon,
if ever....
the memories
of her in that place
will just be too strong
for me to handle,
and unless she's with me,
I doubt
that I'll be going back
to Rockport any time soon...

well, Rockport is an old seacost town in South Texas, and used to be one of my favorite places, a place I only took special ladies. You can read between the lines, I'm sure, and now I don't think I'll ever see Rockport again.......

Now it's time for a little drink, just a small one, you know how I get when I get shitfaced, and maybe tomorrow, or tonight, if sleep fails me, I'll be back to do some more for you'all...........Ahoah! All my Relations!!!

Whispersoftly5 52F
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12/26/2005 7:41 pm

I love both of these! The second one is very powerful.

I'm very sorry for your loss.


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