fuck christmas, dudes, it's party time.........  

rm_muffryder692 71M
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12/25/2005 2:03 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

fuck christmas, dudes, it's party time.........

Gonna go get me a bottle
out of my liquor cabinet,
find me a little dancehall
between here and San Antonio,
and go meskin dancin' tonight
try and forget christmas,
and all it used to mean to me
when I was a button.

Pop's long uncer ground,
Uncle Charlie and Uncle Will,
My namesake, ole Jay are
under there, too,
and I'm left to carry on
the family traditions,
which are dying fast.....

Me and Uncle Charlie used to
run them Meskin dance halls
on christmas, for he was
the wild one
in the family,
and we'd come rolling up
about mornihg on the 26th,
both of us drunk or messed up
on whatever we'd had the night before,
and now there's no Uncle Charlie to
accompany me on my rounds of the
dance halls on christmas........

Well, I still got his ole escopeta,
which he called "Uncle Luther,"
and have had since we put him
in the ground so many years ago.....

So me and "Uncle Luther" will go
make the rounds, put another 100 or so
miles on the old Dodge, see if
the man in black can still
turn a head or two......
doubt it, but it's a pretty thought,
nonetheless, even if Uncle Charlie
ain't riding shotgun, holding on to
"Uncle Luther" as we hit the Bexas County Line..

Well, it's that time of the year--
a time for starting over with all the
useless promises you make to yourself,
and know you won't keep one of them.
If I had anybody who cared,
I would probably keep some of them,
but I'm fresh out this year of anyone
who cares about me in the special way,
and that's my christmas wish.....
to quit acting like the fool my pop
never raised, and get back
some of that old way of doing things,
handg my head at that tilt, and get out there
amongst 'em.....like Uncle Charlie used to say,
There's a surprise around the nest corner,
if you'll only look for it.....
Uncle Charlie used to say all kinds of
shit like that, and I never listeded.
Just thought it was drunk talk,
but now I'm not so sure,
and maybe I'll listen to him
from now on, when he comes to see
me in my dreams........

So this one's for you, Uncle Charlie,
you and me and all that was, and will
probably never be again.....

Ahoah! All my Relations!!!

Whispersoftly5 52F
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12/26/2005 7:45 pm

Isn't it something how we sometimes think people are just talking out the side of their face and then as we experience life some of the things they said suddenly seems meaningful? Sounds like your Uncle Charlie had some fine words of wisdome here and there.


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