ok i am a sad puppy  

rm_muffin162 55M
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4/27/2006 1:29 pm
ok i am a sad puppy

What a busy week i have had,i am still birdwatching on the internet,i could have finished this task and made a folder with all the birds i have seen it,but no muffins like to do the best job they can,if you look at a field guide on birds,you will see that all the birds are split up into sub sections starting at Divers and finishing at Buntings,so i have made 50 odd folders and will put all my seen birds in the relevant folder,also you got to remember that there is Male and Female birds that have different coloring,also some change there plumage depending on the time of the year,yes i know i am a sad puppy,but wtf i have enjoyed doing it, i dare you to say it to my face.

As for my tree, yeah i am going to grow one,i was talking to someone in the pub last weekend and they told me,since then i have thought about it,and yes i will commit myself to my tree,i have bought the tree holder a nice lime green plant holder from a charity shop.Today i bought the Avocado from the supermarket,all i need now is some compost and my avocado tree will grow.

Flagg has also got me interested in learning some more about the city he lives in,i will look on the net to try and find out more about NYC,its a good job i am off work on Monday.

What a busy little muffin i am.

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