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Ma'am this really does not belong here on the Advice Line.If you truly felt compelled to post this anywhere,you should have taken it to the Rants section of the magazine.Not only does it not belong here,but this post violates the TOU and you have placed youself at risk for being booted from the site yourself.

Imagine what this forum what be like if every time a person had a little fricka-fracas with someone else,and if that someone else..or that someone elses friend,leaped aboard the advice lines and called for one and all to circle the wagons.Take it outside resolve it among yourselfs and through the channels provided by AdultFriendFinder Paulizup4it seems like a bright enough fella who is quite capable of fighting his own battles.What you feel the need to run this interference on his behalf is beyond me

I do not have any issues or complaints about paulizup4it.Likewise i have no issues or complaints were muffin162 is concerned.Naturally i am not going to agree with every single thing muffin162 has to say....but since he is the one being flamed here.I am going to take the liberty to say i rather enjoy a lot of his posts and what it is he has to say.At least on this forum i have not found muffin162's responses to paulizup4it to beyond the pale.

Its naive to think one can post on a public forum and walk away with sunshine,lollipops and rainbows.One thing i detest on this forum are those who make a post,receive a response they do not particulary care for,and then come back up and repost a question and start in with the primal screaming.Take the good,ignore the bad.

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