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11/4/2005 1:15 pm

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here we go...

I've always had ideas about writing a romantic comedy loosely based on my own, and friends, experiences. What better place to openly share them? Well, we'll see how it goes, I guess...

Although I really haven't had a huge list of partners, usually my relationships, if they get started at all, last for several years and we end up getting an apartment together, etc. And if the apartment stage of the relationship happens, it usually happens for purely logistical reasons. After three or more months of spending more and more time together, the daily phone call consists of "where are we going to eat," or "what are you doing tonight?" and ultimately "your place or mine afterwords." Which is all well and good, but the logistics problems come when you have to plan to take a change of clothes for work the next day, and/or you get tired of going back and forth clear across town to sleep at either place, etc. Over time this usually boils over to a serious talk about daily routine, leading to who's sacrificing more of their day for the other, etc. And when this seemingly inevitable conversation takes place, I usually just say "well, then lets move in together, we are spending every night together anyway." This has happened to me several times now, without my really making any moves to make it happen. For years "relationship theorists" have been telling us that sexual compatibility isn't absolutely necessary, Almost as much as they say "simultaneous orgasm is merely a myth." Well, maybe not, but I have to say that it certainly makes it easier to spend a lot of time together when intimacy isn't a problem (or, excuse me, how un-pc of me, not "problem" but an "issue!" ).

Not sure why I went on that tangent right now, but I'm sure I'll go on more... I'll tell you in advance that some of this will be real, some of it fiction, but all the best fiction has roots in reality. But I'll never use specific names of people for obvious reasons (1st of which I don't want to get sued if I decide to write a book).

more later..... (rebound live-ins?)

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