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Recently I have received several questions about rituals becasue I list my religion as "Pagan." So I decided to throw out my perspctive on ritual generally and then how it may apply sensually.

A ritual is any series of actions or practices that are performed repeatedly and with intent (most important) for a particular purpose. If an action is done by rote withouit thought rather than with intent I do NOT consider that a ritual.

My mentor was adamant about the power of "self-generated" ritual. I believe any of us can make things happen—even magical, impossible things. It’s a matter of having faith in the private rituals we make up for ourselves.

The rituals themselves aren’t all that important on their own—though once you’ve decided on them, you have to stick to them, like the old alchemists did. You have to follow through.

They help you focus your will—your intent. That’s what magic is you know. It’s having a strong enough sense of self and what’s around you to not only envision it being different but to make it different.

Instinctively I realize it can’t be too easy. . . . The ritual needs an element to complete it that requires some real effort on my part to attain it. But I know what the elements on my ritual are—they come into my head full blown, as if I’ve always known it but simply never stopped to access the information before.

The more I seek answers through meditation the more clearly the elements I need for a ritual seem. Most common are the rituals to honor and celebrate the seasons (Samhain, Winter Solstice, Imbolc, Spring Equinox, Beltane, Summer Solstice, Lughnassah, and Mabon or Autumanl Euinox). But there are many more for healing, for blessing, for birth and for death, for Handfasting, and on and on.

Sensually, a ritual may be as simple as using lavendar oil in the bath to enahnce ones sense of sensuality. Most often the ritual will entail elements impacting at least two of the senses. Again, for me, the key element is intent. That also implies a degree of self knowledge to focus the intent and an awareness of that which is beyond the physical. You may call it emotional, spiritual, or many other names. I do not believe the emeional and the spiritula can be easily separated when entering the sensual realm. To act without one or the other is so inhibitive that results are often very distorted.

D/s play often will specific rituals that someone will use. When using restraints, I always apply them CCW starting from the western most point. There is a very specific meaning for me in that ritual. But they are all self-generated and personal, as noted above.

Do you have any personal rituals that are important for you in sensual play?

Hopefully I addressed all the questions I have received but I am always willing to explore this arena so ask away.

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