Is kissing a lost art?  

rm_mtnravyn 60M
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8/23/2005 2:19 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Is kissing a lost art?

I just read 1playful gal"s blog on a kiss she experienced and was reflecting on my experiences over the last few years. I have found less and less women who kiss well, including some with whom I have ongoing relationships. There certainly are a few that "get my jeans tented" but they are a minority. I remember reading Heinlein"s "Stranger in a Strange Land" and the observation was made about the lead character that when he kissed that was where his focus was. Not on what may happen next, not on dinner but on the wonderful creature with whom he had an opportunity to share such an intimate experience.

I also know I can get the same reaction from a myriad different types of kisses. The soft tentative, "I want to get to know you better" kiss, the gentle nibble exploration using lips and tongue (often while playing with my hair), the tonguge to tongue jousting and playful kiss, and the tongue thrusting moaning "I am so hot the energy is radiating kiss. With the last I ogften h ave a handful of hair as well.

What is your experience with the art of kissing?

MillsShipsGayly 51M

8/23/2005 8:53 pm

I still believe that 99% of the time, kissing is the best indicator of the soul, the sex and the joy of the potential partnership.

"When was the last time you were decently kissed"
- That Thing You Do

Ahhh Liv Tyler, to kiss her ... mmm

ExploreMore4Me 59F

8/24/2005 3:41 pm

Dear Mtnravyn... Kissing is an incredible art...a sensuous art. Kissing in itself is an act, a separate expression with an energy and vitality uniquely expressed. The tenderest kisses, the long, soft lingering of lips meeting another while speaking a language not known to the ears, but rather the soul is what I know of the art of kissing. You're right. It's becoming a lost art with little emphasis on its value, and significant communication.

Nothing is worse than having your face sucked down someone's throat, your mouth invaded by a dagger of a tongue or your lips pressed so deeply into your skull they're forever residing on the back of your head! That's not kissing. These things are reckless regard for sensuous expression and passion!

Great Post!
Hugs & KISSES!


rm_mtnravyn 60M
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8/28/2005 6:56 pm

Michael I agree 100%

EM4M I definitely agreee with first part but I have known women who loved to have a tingue down their throat. Maybe it is about context because while that is not my primary mode, I am alwasy willing to expplore with a partner. Thanks for hte comment

rm_mtnravyn 60M
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9/4/2005 9:38 pm

wps2 Funny visual, especially since I have a friend with a Peke that she kisses all the time - I argee - YUCK

For me the kiss is the indicator of deeper chemistry. Thansk for stopping by

rm_mtnravyn 60M
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9/5/2005 6:11 am

Candy As with everything, we all have different preferences. But you express yours so well. Thanks

duststormdiva 51F
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9/5/2005 8:44 am

Kissing is one of my favorite things to do. Personally, I agree with ExploreMore4Me second paragraph. The description of those kisses definitely do not turn me on.

A man who can take me in his arms for the first time and press his lips gently against mine. Softly and gently his tongue invades my mouth and meets my tongue. Our tongues dancing together in perfect unison. They form together as if they were supposed to connect. mmmm


rm_mtnravyn 60M
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9/5/2005 8:54 am

diva I am a dancer and can picture the dance of tongues in the context of a slow dirty blues. mmmmmm would not even begin to describe it. Getting off the dance floor discretely might be a problem though. LOL

Thanks for sharing

rm_mtnravyn 60M
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9/5/2005 3:23 pm

It was a sixties girl group I don't remember the lyrics or the group maybe the Shangri-Las
SOmebody will know. Thanks again

rm_magnet4u22 49F
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9/6/2005 8:51 pm

I am a sucker for a good kisser. The long, slow, wet ones. When a man takes my face in his hands, runs his fingers through my hair and gently touches my lips I am putty. Kissing is a must for me.

Btw, the song is the Shoop Shoop Song (It's in his Kiss) by Betty Everett.


rm_mtnravyn 60M
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9/7/2005 8:42 am

Thanks magnet As sonn as I saw Shoop shoop I remembered hah

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