Honor Aphrodite  

rm_mtnravyn 60M
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7/11/2006 4:37 pm
Honor Aphrodite

She has come back, piercing us all
with her sweetness, her power.
Birdsong swells, the antelope leaps
swift mountain streams, the west wind
wraps us in its honeyed warmth.
She has returned; our golden one.
She moves laughing through our world
and we follow her. Through the forest,
through the fields, across the hills,
we follow her, all of us in love,
loving each other, in love with her.
When she returns, it is always summer.
Don't you hear the swallows and cicadas?
Don't you hear the nightingale?
Don't you hear the brooks running silver,
the rivers running darkly to the sea?
Don't you hear the whole world singing, everyone
is in love, because our Goddess has come home.
~Homeric Hymn To Aphrodite

This is the season when the ancient Greeks celebrated the Aphrodite, Goddess of Love in honor of her love for Adonis, God of the infinite cycle of plant life that flourishes upon the mantle of our planet. It is this plant life that sustains our human lives not only by providing food, but by creating the oxygen we breathe. Humans and plants live in a delicate symbiosis with each other, for when we breathe in the oxygen-rich air they have created, we breathe out the carbon dioxide plants needs to live. Thus we dance with the world, breathing out and breathing in to each other, all of us living in the great loving embrace of nature.

Within the context of the dance, judgement becomes a cancer taking from both invovled. So during the rest of the month honor Aphrodite and judge no one. Enjoy your life and spend time in nature participating consciously in the cycle of life. You may be surprised at the calm that will emerge from that excursion.

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